This is Mis Amores

The longing for the taste of home gave five Mexicans, Quetzi, Francisco, César and two Diego’s; Diego A. and Diego S., the idea of starting their own restaurant in Eindhoven. After a lot of work, such as renovating the building and fine-tuning the recipes, there’s now Mis Amores. A Mexican restaurant where you can taste authentic flavors and dishes.

"Our dream was to open a restaurant serving dishes with the real Mexican taste.”

Quetzi, Francisco, César and the two Diego's. 

Real Mexican taste

“It all started when we bought an industrial tortilla machine in 2018, which we named Conchita. We started to organize parties to sell our products and promote Mexican food and art,” Quetzi tells. “The Mexican parties at Wallstreet were a big hit among enthusiastic Mexicans as well as Dutch people.” César: “After a while, we started talking about the next step. Our common dream was to open a restaurant serving dishes with the real Mexican taste, as we know it from home.” Most of the food we call ‘Mexican’ in Eindhoven is, in fact, TexMex or a Dutch interpretation of Mexican food. The team at Mis Amores tries to offer the ‘real deal’ with some of the best flavors. 

Fresh tortillas

“We use the recipes from our grandmothers and tweaked them so everybody on the team loves them. We are all from different parts of Mexico and are used to the taste of our own regions. Finding the right ingredients is a big challenge. For instance, we order dried chilis from Mexico. But we would also love some specific fresh ones, but those aren’t available here.” says Diego S. “Thanks to our tortilla machine we can serve the best fresh tortillas, just like the ones we grew up with. You have to imagine that you can buy fresh tortilla’s everywhere in Mexico, just like a French person gets its baguette and an Italian its espresso on every corner of the street.” The tortilla machine has a prominent place in the restaurant, it’s right in the center of the space. César: “The machine provides us with the most important ingredient for our dishes and deserves to be in the spotlights.”

Eat with your hands!

César continues: “Many people think Mexican food is mostly fast street food, but it takes a lot of time to prepare. For us, it is important to turn the dishes we serve into art. We are currently working on a tasting menu where people can get to know the Mexican cuisine in a nice and easy way.” Eating a taco is also very easy: “Traditionally you eat tacos with your hands,” says Francisco. “But you can also use cutlery off course,” Quetzi laughs. And then there are these different levels of spiciness. Diego A: “You can add our homemade salsas to your taco to give it an extra kick. The salsa roja and salsa verde are mild and medium spicy. For the fans of super spicy, we have our salsa muerta, which means deadly sauce. It is made with habanero peppers. And if our salsa muerta isn’t spicy enough for you, please tell us, then we will add some extra chili’s.”

The Mexican culture

Mis Amores stays away from the clichés of Mexico. Diego S. emphasis there is more to Mexican culture than sombreros and what is shown on the news: “The country has thousands of years of history. We want Mis Amores to be a hub for Mexican culture and food.” Quetzi: “We also want the restaurant to be a place for expositions of Mexican art. Currently, some original 1940’s and 1950’s images from the Mexican cinema are hanging on the wall. We bought them from an archive in Mexico. We want the exposition to change every few months.” César: “This restaurant is full of love and effort and we feel like with this restaurant we give something back to Eindhoven. This country has been so welcoming to us and it’s the certain atmosphere of this city that made it possible to start our restaurant. We put our hearts, souls and savings into it, and we love having a piece of Mexico right here in Eindhoven.”

Take a picture

Are you curious about Mis Amores? The big red arrow is in front of the restaurant, so you can't miss it. Take a photo with the arrow in front of Mis Amores and share it on your social media. When showing your photo, you will receive a dessert of the day for each main dish, on the house.

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