This is Modebelofte

Modebelofte has been part of the Dutch Design Week for a couple of years now. Also this year we can find this platform for innovative fashion talent (initiated by Ellen Albers) on a very special location. After previous editions at the Philips Stadion, the Bijenkorf rooftop and the Kazerne, it’s now up to the former V&D Department store to facilitate the exhibition. In this huge empty building you can now see the works of 20 progressive fashion talents that recently graduated from the most prestigious national and international bachelor and master studies. The exhibition is curated by Studio Harm Rensink and HeyNiek.

The Modebelofte theme for 2017 is Digital Realists. Curator Harm Rensink: “Digital technologies have so much impact on this world, that we can hardly remember or imagine a realistic and non-romantic pre-digital reality. The speed in which digital technologies are progressing works like magic, it drives us into unknown territories of behavioral psychology and aesthetics, while others remain in a dysfunctional analogue era.

Curator Niek Pulles: “The theme has a sober and practical attitude towards this modern ‘spear’ and embraces the digital era as the new normal. Instead of going up in the cloud of digital information, we bring the cloud to the street. This way we travel through space and time together. Instead of exchanging the tangible world for virtual reality, we hold each other’s hands while enjoying this new show. And instead of submitting to total control over every pixel of a carefully directed wet dream, we blend this pixelated perfection freely with the perpetual cruelty of real life.”

Harm Rensink: “The young makers that were selected for ‘Modebelofte 2017 – Digital Realists’ show us how much more we can realize and share in the very real and very global world as we explore the digital technologies with all the tools we were given. Let’s keep joining forces and wonder about the miracle of this reality.”