This is Mood Street Food

Yet another Mood restaurant has opened in Eindhoven. We already know about their fine dining and renowned sushi boats, but this spring Eveline Wu opened a new restaurant just for streetfood called Mood Street Food. This time, she did this with a business partner, but not just any business partner. World champion kickboxing Rico Verhoeven was eager to start a restaurant with Eveline. Perhaps it has to do with Rico's big appetite, but we warn you: the portions served are large! Restaurant manager Romy takes us along the journey!

Taste authentic Asian street food by Eveline Wu with a touch of Rico

MOOD Street Food

Q. Rico and Eveline opening a restaurant together. How did that happen?

A. Eveline Wu has proven herself here in the city. Many people know to find her successful restaurants on Strijp-S and Keizersgracht. So did Rico Verhoeven. He regularly came to dine at Mood Strijp-S and eventually, Eveline suggested to him to start a healthy restaurant together. Rico liked that idea a lot and he is now the face of the company.

Q. What is the best thing you have experienced here?

A. Without a doubt, the Eat & Greets, which we organized. Per Eat & Great, thirty guests have dinner and a nice chat with Rico. A lot of people wanted to join these events. We want to organize more in the future, so keep an eye on our socials!

Q. What time do you start?

A. We serve both lunch and dinner. We start preparations at 11:00 and open at noon. The kitchen closes at 9:30 PM.

Q. What reactions do you get from your visitors?

A. That the portions are large. Especially if you compare them to the dishes from our other restaurants. You actually can’t compare them. Here we serve various bowls, which are a big bite for one person. The rice table is also a popular dish. We get very enthusiastic responses about it.

Q. Why should the Eindhoven visitors visit you?

A. If you are here in the city for a day, you often do not have a lot of time. With us, you can have a fast meal. Because it is also affordable, you have some money left for shopping. And with a little luck, you will spot Rico here.

Q. How would you describe Mood Street Food in three words?

A. Okay, okay, more words, is that allowed? Then I would say fast, healthy, and accessible to everyone in any age group.

Q. Is there anything else we should know about the food?

A. Not so much about the food itself, but the way you eat here. Basically, you eat with chopsticks. But if that really does not work for you, then we will definitely get you a fork.

Q. Which drink would you recommend?

A. Our Passion & Spice cocktail is delicious. If you want something without alcohol, I recommend the homemade ice tea.

Q. Who or what is indispensable in your business?

A. Rico and Eveline are of course very important to us. Eveline sets the culinary course. Rico is not always present, but people from all over the Netherlands visit us especially for him. And even if he's not at the restaurant, you'll still find plenty of special items of Rico on display, such as the prizes he has won and photos.

Q. Is there anything on the menu that you would never order yourself?

A. Since I work here, I think I should have tried everything on the menu once. Fortunately, I love food. If I have to choose something, I would say the salmon sashimi. I like to eat salmon on or in sushi, but I do not prefer raw salmon on its own.

Q. What other restaurants would you recommend?

A. I think the concept of Down Town Gourmet Market is well executed.

Q. Who would you like to serve something tasty?

A. Well, if Justin Bieber ever comes to the Netherlands again, he can come and eat his pre-show dinner here!

Take a picture

Are you curious about Mood Street Food? The big red arrow is in front of the restaurant, so you cannot miss it. Take a picture of yourself with the arrow in front of Mood Street Food and share it on your Stories with a tag for @eindhovencity and @moodstreetfood. When you show the post at Mood Street Food when you order for a minimum of 10 euros, you get four pieces of sushi, selected by the chef, on the house.

Name:  Mood Street Food
Location: Nieuwe Emmasingel 32
Specialized in: authentic Asian street food
An Eindhoven hotspot since: March 2020
Team: 25 in total
Number of seats: 130 (without measures)
Speaking to: Restaurant manager Romy van Iersel

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