This is Mr.Sister

After months of renovation and preparation, everyone is welcome at Mr.Sister’s foodbar in Eindhoven. The monumental building once housed a hardware store called ‘W. van der Schoot’, now you can enjoy coffee, lunch, dinner and drinks at Mr.Sister. “Mr.Sister is a combination of ‘De Burgerij’ in Tilburg and the in Antwerp located restaurant ‘Roest’. We combined basic elements of both of these places”, operational manager Maarten van den Berg tells us. Maarten is a ‘hospitality nomad’ and has his roots in Eindhoven.

When entering Mr.Sister, a few things grab our attention. The restaurant is much bigger than what you would expect. The bar is beautifully centered in the middle of the area. The most surprising element is definitely the petanque court. Yes, you read it right: a petanque court (Google it if you must). “We wanted to add a surprise element. And who doesn’t enjoy a game every now and then? We now even have guests who come back to play a game of petanque.

We see the area well dressed up with natural materials and it is what we call an ‘urban jungle’, with all sorts of plants standing and hanging around us. “The space is big, with 150 seats, but thanks to the variety of seats and corners it becomes a very cozy place. You can choose whichever atmosphere suits you best.”

Putting together a new concept often comes with its challenges. “Naturally, one of the most important elements of the restaurant is the kitchen. A good chef simply must be present, so we looked for one, and found a great one named Peter van Schijndel. Our menu is surprisingly varied, so he can put his talents to best use. On the menu, you’ll find burgers of ‘De Burgerij’ and dishes with an international touch.”

Especially for the restaurant, Mr.Sister created its own sourdough bread, that is baked by a regional baker: “It is a sourdough bread with seeds and nuts, which gives it a really distinguished taste. It is a real Mr.Sister bread.”

People already seem to find the restaurant quite well, which makes the place very busy at times. “We recommend people to make a reservation if they want to come for dinner or lunch, especially on Friday and Saturday.”