This is Poké Bowl Original

After Rotterdam and Antwerp, now Eindhoven also has a Poké Bowl Original restaurant. On the Nieuwstraat, manager Ngan Din and her team are ready to serve you the tastiest poké bowls. "Many people think poké is Asian, because it is regularly served at sushi restaurants, but that is not the case”, says Ngan. "It's from Hawaii."


"During a holiday in New York, Oun and Djini Thorn, the owners of Poké Bowl Original, walked past a poké bowl shop. A long line of people waited patiently outside the shop until it was their turn to order. Oun and Djini did not know exactly what poké was, but since it was so busy, they wanted to try it. They enjoyed their bowl so much that they also wanted to share it with the Netherlands. When they came home they changed their course in life and started preparations for their own poké bowl business. In August 2016 they opened the doors of the first Poké Bowl Original in Rotterdam. A second shop followed quickly. One franchise shop in Antwerp later, and here we are.”

"Many people think poké is Asian"

Ngan Din


"Poké is a traditional Hawaiian dish in which the fishermen mixed their freshly caught fish with whatever they encountered, such as seaweed and other vegetables. If you compare a traditional poké bowl with what we serve now, our bowls look much more attractive. You also want to eat something pleasing to the eye.” At Poké Bowl Original you can put your own bowl together or you can order a signature bowl. "If you want to put together your own bowl, you walk from the right to the left along the counter and you build your bowl by choosing a base, for example, a bowl, mix or salad, followed by your favorite protein and then four mix-ins and a dressing. Finally, you choose three toppings.”

Signature bowls

Both your self-assembled bowl and a signature bowl are available in medium or large. "Our most sold bowl is the Aloha Salmon. We get our fresh fish delivered daily by Schmidt Zeevis. They are the best. We also have signature bowls with tuna, shrimp, chicken and tofu. My favourite is the Holy Shrimp with shrimps and mango. We make all our dressings ourselves and our homemade soy sauce is on every table.” The menu also includes poké burritos, in which the ingredients are rolled in nori. "You can also put together the burritos yourself." Poké bowls and burritos are ideal if you want a quick but healthy bite. "It's a party in a bowl that is also nutritious.”

Are you curious about Poké Bowl Original? The big red arrow is in front of the shop so you cannot miss it. Take a picture with the arrow in front of Poké Bowl Original, share the photo on social media and tag Poké Bowl Original. When showing the photo, you get 20% discount on your order. The promotion runs until November 30, 2018.

Nieuwstraat 34, Eindhoven

Opening hours:

Daily from 12:00 to 20:00 and Friday from 12:00 to 21:00