This is Pop Boutique Salon

In a characteristic building on the corner of Willemstraat and Wilhelminaplein, you will find Pop Boutique Salon, one of Eindhoven's most popular hair salons. They are specialists in coloring and always up to date with the latest hair trends and techniques.

When we visit Pop it is pleasantly busy. Lenny Rovers, the owner of the salon, welcomes us. “Here you will come across all kinds of people: the lady who lets us take care of her hair every week, students from the Design Academy, people from football club PSV and people from ASML.


We want everyone to leave Pop with a good feeling and a great haircut.

Inspired hairdressers

The atmosphere in the shop is very nice and the team works like a well-oiled machine. “This is a very creative place with a team that goes go all out for their profession. We are always working on how we can inspire ourselves and learn even more. That is why education is also very important. I like to invest in our team: that way everyone stays on top of their game. Inspired hairdressers are an investment in Pop's future. We are also very enthusiastic about young talent. I always hope upcoming hair stylists will learn to to look at our profession in the same way that I do. Because when they do, they are never at work, but it feels more like a hobby. Our team is very steady, many people have been working here for a long time. Everyone likes to see each other outside of work too.”

The best result

Pop Boutique Salon is not exclusively committed to one brand when it comes to the products they work with. “Just like our customers, the brands we work with are very diverse. Every head needs something else. Our specialties are coloring and technical cutting. Every hair counts. It is extremely important that we know what we are doing and what suits someone. Our team is also very honest: if a customer wants something and we think that the result will not work out, we always say so. Together with the customer, we look at what is possible. We want everyone to leave Pop with a good feeling and a great haircut. “


Are you also curious about Pop Boutique Salon? The big red arrow is in front of the salon, you cannot miss it. Take a photo with the arrow in front of Pop Boutique Salon, share the photo on social media and by showing your photo you get a nice goodie bag after your treatment!