This is Proeflokaal De Gaper

A ‘gaper’ is traditionally a Dutch and Flemish symbol and signboard for pharmacists. However, this week's hotspot is not a pharmacy, but a typical traditional Dutch pub with an upstairs restaurant. If you look closely, you will find pharmacy-like elements in the interior of the café, though. "You don't see many bars like this In Eindhoven, anymore.” says Jan Joost de Jong.


"You don't see many bars like this In Eindhoven, anymore.”

Jan Joost de Jong

Local pub

Jan Joost, together with Sjoerd Bannier, is the owner of this popular spot at the Wilhelminaplein.There’s no room for brick walls, lots of plants and industrial hip gimmicks. What this place does have is a characteristic bar and a table for regulars, as it supposed to be in a café like this. The café and the restaurant both have an authentic and warm atmosphere and, Jan Joost adds: “We have a wide selection of beers and whiskeys.” And since whiskey seems to mean something like ‘water of life’, there you have another pharmacists reference.

Dining upstairs

From Tuesday to Saturday, the dining room above the café is open, chef Pepijn van Beers runs the kitchen. Together with his team, he prepares high-quality dishes. Every two weeks there are new dishes on the menu that match the current season. “Several specials are always available, such as the ribs and the chateaubriand with salad and fries. Both dishes are for two people to share. After dinner, you can have a drink in the café to end the pleasant evening. "

Meal at the bar

On weekdays, from Tuesday, people can also have a daily special at the bar in the café. “A good, tasty meal, in case you don’t want to dine for too long. We noticed there was a need for this. Not everyone wants to dine extensively, but they do want a tasty meal. It’s also ideal if you happen to have to eat alone, because you are more comfortable at the bar than alone at a table. Our daily specials can be a salad with prawns, a delicious diamond tenderloin or a well-filled goulash soup, for instance.”

Charming square

About twelve years ago Jan Joost and Sjoerd took over Proeflokaal De Gaper from the previous owner. "He wanted to sell it to us because we wanted to continue the business and not change it into something completely different." The Wilhelminaplein is one of the nicest squares in Eindhoven. With four hotels and various cafés and restaurants, it attracts many visitors. At the moment, some wintery sunshine shows itself from time to time, but as of March when it gets warmer, the terrace at De Gaper is an ideal spot to relax. “A lot is happening on the square throughout the year. Of course, it is packed with people here at the café and outside during carnival and King's Day, there is also a blues festival and a rock and roll festival taking place every year.”

Take a picture

Are you curious about Proeflokaal De Gaper? The big red arrow is in front of the café and restaurant, so you can't miss it. Take a photo with the arrow in front of De Gaper and share it on your social media. When showing your photo, the first drink will be on the house when having a dinner in the dining room (Eetkamer in Dutch) of De Gaper.

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