This is STED

The Willemstraat has recently become the place to go when it comes to Scandinavian home design. After Deense Kroon for your fashion items, you can now brighten up your home with Danish and Swedish furniture and accessories from STED.

If you do not fully master the Danish language yet: sted means place. "And that is exactly what we want for our customers, to make their home a place where they are happy", says STED owner Robbert Hornstra. "Our products are quite simple, not boring, and provide a warm living room feeling."

STED means place; home is a place where you are happy.

Big change

Robbert started preparations for his store about a year and a half ago. Without a background in retail, but with knowledge about entrepreneurship and a passion for interior design. “I used to work at a large high-tech company in Eindhoven. I always had a desire to start my own business, but I did not know how to get things rolling. I love Scandinavian design and to my great surprise it was hardly available in Eindhoven. I am now changing that with STED. In this store I can combine entrepreneurship and my love for interior design.” Before STED opened its doors, a lot of things needed to be done. “This building was very outdated. We have done a lot to make it a great place. I am very happy with the location, because the Willemstraat is a lively street in the heart of the city.”

Only available at STED

Brands such as Muuto, HAY, Normann Copenhagen, and String are very selective in where their products are sold. “In Eindhoven I am the only point of sale for many brands. The products of ferm LIVING and Moebe are also available in our store. What I personally like about the products we sell is that they are functional designs without unnecessary frills. Clean and yet beautiful. They give an interior that extra something. We also sell plants, because with beautiful greenery a living room is really complete.”

Timeless design

All brands offer so many different products. How do you pick the items you want to sell in the store? “I make my choices based on my intuition and focus on the interior for the living room. Most designs are timeless and last a long time. Within the collections I look at what fits well together, but I also ensure diversity so we have a lot of choice for our customers.” Starting a store instead of an online shop is also a conscious choice: “If you buy something beautiful for your house, you want to see it and feel the material. After all, you buy something for the long haul.”

Take a picture

Are you curious about STED? The big red arrow is in front of STED, so you cannot miss it. Take a photo with the arrow in front of STED and share it on social media. By showing your photo you will receive a gift from Normann Copenhagen or HAY along with your purchase!

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