This is Sushimi

At the beginning of the Dommelstraat, near the Stationsplein, the spacious terrace of restaurant Sushimi is ready for tonight's guests. Owners Manon and Robert and their team are busy adding some finishing touches, both outside and inside the restaurant.

The team is ready to give their guests a wonderful evening. Robert: “We take the time to prepare all our a la carte dishes with care and attention.” The name Sushimi reveals what these dishes entail: sushi and sashimi.

Sushi, sashimi & cocktails

Cocktails & Sushi

Inside, the restaurant has its own unique atmosphere. The interior looks warm, cozy and comfortable. The wallpaper with a design of large green leaves gives the place a tropical touch. The extensive bar is the domain of Manon: “I take care of the cocktails. A good cocktail requires absolute precision.” Robert adds:" People not only come back for the food, but also for our cocktails. They start with a tasty cocktail and then enjoy our fresh and special sushi.”

Surprising flavors

And special sushi it is. There is a lot of variation on the menu, with a combination of surprising flavors. “Our guests love our Surf ’n Turf roll, including flambé tenderloin and tempura shrimp. The Thai Red Curry roll and Sushimi roll are also popular. For vegetarians and vegans, we also have tasty sushi rolls with, for example, shiitake and avocado or smoked tofu and caramelized kiwi.” The menu also contains two different preparations of tartare , the Eindhoven Bangkok with salmon and the Eindhoven Tokyo with tuna. These dishes are true works of art on a plate. “And we advise everyone to leave a little room for one of our desserts. Our chocolate spring roll with coconut ice cream and pineapple compote is the perfect end to a dinner.”

National appreciation

Before Manon and Robert opened their restaurant, they were already big sushi fans. Manon: “We both love it and really wanted to start a restaurant together. We had the opportunity to do that here in Eindhoven. I am proud of what we have to offer our guests.” And that the guests are happy too, proves the list of the best sushi restaurants in the Netherlands by magazine Flair and website The Fork. Sushimi comes in seventh on this list. Time for a visit, we recon!


Are you curious about Sushimi? The big red arrow is in front of the restaurant so you cannot miss it. Take a picture with the arrow in front of Sushimi, share the picture on social media and when showing your photo at Sushimi you get a glass of wine on the house with your order of sushi.

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