This is The Happiness Kitchen

You probably already knew The Happiness Café, the breakfast and lunch shop near the Blob, but did you know that this healthy heaven also has a big brother on the Nieuwstraat? This is The Happiness Kitchen. Here you are welcome for seven days a week for yoghurt bowls, superfood pancakes and scrambled eggs, but also for fresh daily meals en (vegan) burgers, because this location has a large kitchen and bakery downstairs. "Here we make everything ourselves," says owner Linsey van Oers, "All our dishes are homemade and made with pure ingredients."

We get a tour through the kitchen and the bakery. It smells wonderful. Not surprising, because a batch of muffins has just come out of the oven, and also the carrot cake is ready to be baked. A bit further a team member is busy pressing juice with a gigantic machine. Linsey: "We are the only cold press juice bar in the area. Cold press means that the fruit and vegetables are crushed, which preserves the vitamins and minerals. The ordinary juice pressers have rotating knives that heat up during the proces, which means that a lot of healthy nutrients are lost."

What comes in handy at The Happiness Kitchen is that you can also go there for your dinner. Linsey: "When you have a busy job, healthy cooking is sometimes forgotten. Here you can compose daily fresh meals using our Happiness Food Bar with freshly prepared salads, vegetables, grains and every day proteins: to eat at our place or take home or to the office for lunch or dinner. Or you can order via Deliveroo, so you do not have to go get some fast food. Healthy and fast is also an option. We are of course in Brabant, so we also provide food with a Burgundian touch. We have something for everyone: from guilty pleasures to sugar free and vegan and meals with extra protein for athletes."

"You see a change in dietary preferences and a growing awareness of the health aspect of our diet. Vegetables take an increasingly prominent place on our plate and meat and fish are exchanged more often for a vegetable source of protein. That's why 80% of the dishes in our Kitchen consist of vegetable preparations. We follow the international trends in food and give our own twist. We like working with local products: we get bread from the Hartogs bakery in Eindhoven and our coffee from BeanBrothers. I come up with the dishes together with our team of chefs. The team of The Happiness Kitchen and The Happiness Café consists of a total of about 42 people, everyone works at both locations. This way we can build together one Happiness team."