This is The Roast Club

Imagine: you can eat delicious grilled and roasted dishes all year round, without having to mess around on a small barbecue in your backyard or on your balcony. Leave the roasting up to the barbecue pros at The Roast Club on the Kleine Berg.

Subtle smoky taste

The team of this characteristic restaurant prepares almost all dishes on the well-known Big Green Egg barbecues, in an open kitchen. A roast well spent brings a week of content, reads the neon lettering on the wall. “At first you may think that this is a place for real meat lovers, and it certainly is, but we also serve beautiful fish and veg dishes”, explains Loes Wijsman of The Roast Club. “Many dishes have a subtle smoky taste, something the Big Green Egg is perfect for.”

“Especially on Friday and Saturday, you definitely have to make a reservation!”

The Roast Club

Big Green Egg fans

Upon arrival in the rustic and atmospheric restaurant you are welcomed by a delicious spicy scent. For all guests, it is also easy to check out what the chefs are doing. "That is one of the nice things about this concept, the Big Green Egg has a lot of fans and they want to see the chef at work.” The owners of The Roast Club, Arjan Bouter and Tom van Brussel, known in the Eindhoven hospitality industry as owners of Café Bar 't Lempke, experienced this popularity before in a pop-up restaurant they opened. When they were given the opportunity to take over this property on the Kleine Berg, the decision to open The Roast Club was quickly made. “We have been open for about two months now and the place is always packed. Especially on Friday and Saturday, you definitely have to make a reservation!”

Food and drinks 

The Roast Club will also open their spacious terrace in the spring. “I cannot wait for the sun to come out so we can open the complete front of the restaurant. Our restaurant is open until 2:00 am, so it is the ideal place to have a drink after dinner. For example, we have an extensive wine list with robust and high-profile names and delicious bar bite platters.”

Prime Cuts

On a big blackboard is mentioned which Prime Cuts are available that day. Today, they offer Tomahawk Steaks that weigh more than a kilo. Ideal for sharing or for people with a really big appetite. “These Prime Cuts are excellent pieces of meat that are roasted on the barbecue in its entirety. They are limited available. The board shows what is available on a particular day. When someone orders a Prime Cut, someone from our team will check off the order on the chalkboard. Most of our products come from local entrepreneurs: the dessert cheese from Jokkmokk, our black buns come from Bakery Renders and beers from Van Moll.”

Kleine Berg 83, Eindhoven

Opening hours:
closed on Monday
closed on Tuesday
Wednesday: 16:00-02:00
Thursday: 16:00-02:00
Friday: 15:00-02:00
Saturday: 15:00-02:00
Sunday: 16:00-00:00