This is Toasted & Roasted

The grilled cheese sandwich is hot and happening. And we do not mean that type of sandwich you make at home in an iron or frying pan, but the richer variants. With toppings that make your mouth water. There’s a new kid in town where everything revolves around grilled cheese sandwiches: Toasted & Roasted. We spoke with branch manager Fleur Kusters. "Here, we have turned making great sandwiches into a craft. It starts with our bread, a rustic sourdough that we bake and grill in the iron when preparing the sandwich. This makes it very crunchy, with a soft interior. In Eindhoven, our 'De Kok - Club Special' is our most popular sandwich. Roasted chicken, a fried egg, bacon, tomato and chive spread."

Grilled cheese fans can go wild with all the different toppings: from Mexican salsa to pulled pork and from brie to vegan, the menu always offers something to your liking. "If you are not in the mood for a hot dish, you can always go for toast with a cold topping such as carpaccio or tuna salad." If you order one of the breakfast menus, you will get a hot drink, an orange juice and, for example, yoghurt with granola or an egg sandwich, depending on the menu you choose. “Takeaway is optional and you can order via Deliveroo.”

Toasted & Roasted tries to work with organic products as much as possible. "We work together with a local green supplier, our tea is Fairtrade and we prepare our coffee with freshly roasted beans. We change our menu every season. In the colder months we add extra soup and in the summer iced coffee." Is it past 5 o'clock?  "Stop by for a beer or wine, the ideal ending to an afternoon of shopping."