This is VANE

Way before VANE Restaurant and Skybar opened its doors, the agenda was filled with reservations. The news that a restaurant would open at a great height and with executive chef Casimir Evens in charge of the kitchen, spread fast among the local burgundies. The wait was rewarded: September 1st the NH Collection Eindhoven Centre in the ‘Groene Toren’ opened its doors. With that, the restaurant and skybar became open for public. Hotel Director Ludo de Jong: “The past period was fantastic. The skybar and restaurant are well-attended. Personally, I think it's nice that many locals find us too, because we really want to be a place for Eindhoven citizens."

Downstairs, at the entrance of the hotel, it is not immediately visible that there is a culinary walhalla on the top of the 13th and 14th floors. Only a subtle sign gives a hint. Chef Casimir Evens: "You must indeed know where to find us, but everyone seems to manage perfectly well. We have been booked up till the end of the year. Every night we serve at least 60 couverts. We are going for a gastronomic experience and a culinary experience, but we would like to keep it accessible. I love to chat with the guests. Everyone can see what we do in the open kitchen and at the pass, which is in the middle of the space. The first weeks we had to search for the right flow. None of us in our team had previously worked with each other, but now we have found our way." Ludo adds: "Keeping the space open allows guests to see our artists at work. Because that's what they are!"

The entrance to the sky bar is in the middle of the restaurant. Ludo: "We would like to have a connection between the bar and the restaurant. You'll find that same connection back in the ‘food pairing’ of dishes and matching drinks. This does not necessarily have to be a wine arrangement, but it can also be a cocktail arrangement, for example. "The VANE cocktail card of the sky bar is especially composed by the internationally renowned bartender Tess Posthumus. The signature cocktails each portray a different wind area, where 'VANE' stands for. For example, the 'Windhaan' has been inspired by the Netherlands, using gin and a touch of spicy home-made ‘Rinse appelsiroop’ (a famous Dutch apple syrup). The 'Post Pigeon' brings you to the east with a spicy rum with Indonesian influences, a tea liqueur and a syrup of grilled pineapple. It tastes as good as it sounds!

The sky bar gives a beautiful panoramic view of the city. Around the bar there is a spacious terrace where the sun will spoil you. Ludo: "The sky bar is open every day from 11am till 12pm. What many people do not know yet is that you can also go for a lunch at the sky bar. So also during the day, everyone is welcome to take the lift to the top floor and enjoy a drink, a bite and the fantastic view."