This is Victoria

It may be that the location Victoria Park doesn’t immediately ring a bell with you. That’s why we dare say that this restaurant still a hidden gem in the middle of Eindhoven. In what used to be the headquarters of Philips Lighting, there’s now a whole street full of cozy restaurants. That’s where you will also find restaurant Victoria. Owner Najat el Attari proudly tells about her restaurant: "Together with our team, we do everything we can to ensure that our guests have a great time at Victoria. "Hospitality is our number one priority. "The business radiates warmth and cosiness thanks to a well-considered combination of furniture, materials and colors. Interior details give Victoria an international vibe and you could just as easily be elsewhere in the world.

"I saw this building for the first time a year and a half ago. I thought it was such a crazy place, a bit rough à la Strijp S, but in the middle of the city center. I was immediately madly in love. After looking around, I got a tip from a friend that he knew a nice building, he even came up with this exact location! Then everything went very fast. The name Victoria was set at the very beginning, of course because of the location Victoria Park, but also because it such a powerful strong name is, it means victory. Also the color victoria green is really our favorite color, that’s why you come across it a lot in the interior of the restaurant. The decor of the restaurant is completely my personal style. The nice thing is that people really feel at home. From student to businessman and from an older couple to the PSV supporter who likes to have a nice meal before the game. "

The dishes fit in perfectly with the international atmosphere of Victoria. For lunch you could go for a delicious Moroccan chicken sandwich, smoked salmon or hummus. Or how about a Victoria burger with Old Amsterdam and truffle cream? "At the beginning of April, we are going to expand our lunch menu and we want you to be able to order all day long, which is also attractive for our business guests," explains Najat. "There will be more changes in the near future." With the spring coming up we want to upgrade the terrace with windshields and comfortable chairs, we have sun all day, so we want everyone to be as comfortable as possible. I'm already in the mood for spring!"

When we look at the dinner menu, we see something striking. Whether you are hungry or want to share or taste dishes, at Victoria they serve all dishes in three sizes: small, medium or large. Ideal if you ask us. "Setting up the card in this way has been a very deliberate choice, I am the kind of person who prefers to taste everything in a restaurant, and I am certainly not the only one who likes to do that." The reactions to this concept in fine dining are very positive. Every dish, big or small, is art on a plate with us. " So that delicious steak tartare, shaslick with different vegetables or one of the other toppers on the menu you eat as a starter or main course. It is completely up to you.