This is Vielgut

After five years, Arnold and Leontine decided it was time for a new location for their clothing store. On the Nieuwe Emmasingel they found the perfect spot and after the necessary renovation work there was the new version of Vielgut. Arnold: “It has been a very good move to settle here. Here people know how to find us even better. And because of the size of this place, we also had the opportunity to work with Piet Hein Eek. We sell a part of his collection: furniture, but also watches and other accessories.”

Vielgut does not just sell any brand. Arnold: “Our philosophy can be summarized in a number of words: raw, authentic and care for the world. These values reflect in the brands we sell. We look at how they deal with the world around us. Do they operate as sustainable as possible? Are the products made without child labor? Are there decent working conditions? Do the products consist of organic or recycled material? Next to the care we put in selecting our brands, we also put a lot of care into the customers and the team that works here. It all starts with a good cup of coffee.”

The policy of procurement of Vielgut is visible in the store. All brands form a beautifully coherent whole and exude quality and comfort. Arnold: “Leontine, along with a number of other team members, has made a mark on our collection. She has such a good eye. Both for the ladies and the gents. I also enjoy working with other businesses in the street, or to co-host in-store events for our customers with the brands we have in our store.” Leontine: “There are so many beautiful authentic brands. Think about Pike Brothers, Bellerose, Leon & Harper, Nudie Jeans and Stance socks with the most fantastic designs.”

In recent years, quite a bit has changed for fashion entrepreneurs. Leontine: “When we started six years ago, the fashion world was a whole lot different than it is right now. More brands are aware of their role and you see it in the way they work. In the past, we used to focus on jeans. Now you can dress yourself from head to toe." During the interview, Arnold stops to advise a customer while the coffee machine makes its distinctive simmering noises. Delicious, a fresh cappuccino while shopping. Another customer carefully watches the display filled with watches and pins. Leontine concludes: "Accessories are also an important part of an outfit. Whether you want a Brixton hat or a striking pin, Vielgut has it all. "