This is Waffelicious

Look no further, we have found the perfect spot for those with a sweet tooth! After burgers and sandwiches, we now put the spotlight on waffles, at Waffelicious.

Different kinds of sweet spreads, toppings and fruit invite you to put together your perfect waffle. "First, you choose between a Waffelicious waffle to eat here or a Bubbelicious waffle to go", explains owner Yama Waziri. "Next, you choose which spread you want on your waffle. What you add on top of that is entirely up to you: fruit, candy, or cake toppings, you name it. Ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkles are also an option. "

On the order form, on which you can select your choice of toppings, you must also fill in your name. With good reason: your name is beautifully written on your plate with melted chocolate. "We think a personal touch is important. Even if people order through Foodora or Deliveroo, we always want to surprise them with a personal message. The waffle must be perfect, but so should the presentation. We now have a large group of Waffelicious fans and that makes me very happy."

And why did you bring the waffle to Eindhoven? "There was nothing like Waffelicious in the Netherlands. I come from Germany, but I already knew Eindhoven quite well. I love what is happening here. This city is developing and it has a nice mixture of inhabitants. Especially young people are crazy about our waffles." Yama tries not to eat too many waffles himself: "I love them, but I eat one once every few weeks, so I don’t get fed up."

Meanwhile, two ladies have taken a seat next to us. They are looking at the menu and are in doubt about what to choose. They come to the conclusion that they like everything. "Fortunately, you can make it as crazy as you want," Yama laughs. "In the end, you have to eat all of it and that can sometimes be a challenge." The plates are a treat for the eye. Yama: "This is what we mean by the perfect waffle, not only does it have to taste great, it also has to look delicious." Are you in the mood for something different? Waffelicious also has chocolate shakes like the Mars shake and the Bounty shake, to name a few. Or choose a fruit shake if you’re feeling fruity. And great news for vegans, Waffelicious also sells a vegalicious waffle.