This is Walther

De Bergstraat has gained a new hotspot with the arrival of men's fashion store Walther. A few months ago, Walter and his brother Maarten decided to start their own business. "When this space became available, I immediately knew that this was going to be the new location of my store.”

Exactly like Walter

At Walther you enter the world of Walter: authentic fashion and accessories that create a unique style when combined. "What I sell here reflects exactly who I am. Someone with a classic character, but very open-minded." He gets up to grab a knitted sweater with a leopard print. "This piece with a pair of trousers and maybe a basic jacket make a great look.”

Authentic fashion and accessories that create a unique style when combined.

Slow fashion

Walter selects his collection by feeling. "I love the individual. People who use clothing to express themselves. I don't like men to dress the same. I try to find my own way in selecting brands, which ensures that you will find a different offer in my store than in others. The products are of high quality, timeless in design, and made of solid materials. Slow fashion, as it is so beautifully called."

An apparel expo

You should think of Walter as the curator of his store. He looks for special items and fine basics that together form a logical whole. "My shop is an exhibition space for clothing. The interior is custom made by Bob Copray. It’s modern but warm and presents the clothes in the best way possible." The attentive viewer will recognize the W of Walt(h)er in the fence in front of the shop window. "And of course tartan", Walter laughs. "And don't forget our stairway to heaven."

Open till 7.00 p.m.

At the moment, the fall collection is in full swing. The brands Walther sells include Le Mont St. Michel, Libertine Libertine, Mads Nørgaard, Original Penguin, and Norse Projects. "Each and every one of them is an authentic label with a story. They are mostly comfortable basics with a raw edge and an occasional statement piece." The shop is open until 19:00 hours, an hour longer than most other shops in the city. "A conscious choice, because I want people to be able to shop after office hours and not be obliged to do so on weekends.”

Take a picture

Are you curious about Walther? The big red arrow is in front of the store, so you cannot miss it. Take a photo with the arrow in front of Walther and share it on social media. By showing your photo you will receive a copy of the book ‘Eindhoven Ongekend’ along with your purchase!

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