This is Xu Noodle Bar

Eindhoven gained a brand new noodle bar! Fresh noodles, in delicious broth or fried, according to an old family recipe. Owner Xu, after whom the restaurant is named, is busy with the preparations in the spacious open kitchen. She greets us warmly, but leaves the story of the noodle bar to manager Rui, because (of course) the food comes first. "Every morning we start very early with the preparation of the noodles and the broth."

Fresh and intense taste

"The freshness and the intense taste of the broth make our dishes so delicious. What we serve here wasn’t available in Eindhoven yet. Here you will find real Chinese flavors. With some dishes, we also take the Dutch taste into account, and prepare them slightly sweeter. Many people who come here already tried fresh noodle soup abroad and they are glad that we are here now. But also lots who visit us, taste this kind of food for the first time and come back very often after that first visit.”

Large portions

The interior is a nice mix of a sleek industrial look with traditional Asian elements. "We absolutely wanted an open kitchen so that everyone can see how the dishes are prepared. The vibe is very relaxed and slurping is allowed!” We warn you in advance: the portions are large. "If you leave here you will have had enough for the rest of the day and for a nice price", Rui laughs. "My favorite is the pork noodle soup. I could eat it every day. Our fried noodles and rice bowls are also very nutritious. We have a large variety of hot and cold side dishes such as dumplings, wontons and ebi tempura.” Vegetarians and vegans will also have no trouble finding something to their liking on the menu. "All our dishes are available in veggy or vegan varieties.”

International appreciation

"We have only been open since September 1st, but people already know where to find us. Some are even a bit addicted to our spicy noodle soup. We are proud that the international residents and guests of Eindhoven also appreciate us. When someone from Singapore says that he likes the food, that really is a nice confirmation that we are doing a good job.” The success adds up with a need for expansion of the Xu team. "We now have several vacancies for jobs, so we hope people will contact us soon!"