This is Yoghurt Barn

We could hear Eindhoven cheer when the news arrived that Yoghurt Barn would come to our city. All yoghurt lovers in and around Eindhoven can finally feast on all the yummy dishes they offer. The place can be found close to Market Square in the ‘Nieuwstraat’. When entering the place you immediately see the beautiful counter with all sorts of yoghurt and toppings. A fresh faced team prepares our orders. Manager Simone Lennards: “We have just opened, but we already work really well together. One of the most important things you learn is how to prepare everything that’s on the menu. A Yoghurt Special is the same in Amsterdam as it is in Eindhoven.

Left of the counter is a big open space where you can enjoy your yummy dish. Simone: “You can relax on one of our heavenly couches or in our cozy seating areas. But also the bar at the window is one of the favorite spots of our visitors.” It sure is cozy. With all the plants, wooden elements, candles and comfortable seats you get an instant ‘living room vibe’. When we arrived, we saw a girl sitting near the window. She was working and enjoying her big jar of yoghurt at the same time. Simone: “Indeed, our visitors love to work here. We also see friends gathering for a high tea, or people that choose to have their lunch break right here. It’s because we have a very diverse offer, even for take-away. We are open during weekends from 9 am, and people are literally waiting in front of the door to get in and have breakfast.”

On the menu you can also find other dishes besides yoghurt, like Barn Toast, overnight oats, or banana bread. Simone: “We serve our yoghurt dishes in a glass jar in the sizes small, medium or large. We have a number of specials like Merry Berry and Crazy Cookie, and our seasons special. This autumn special is the Sint-special, with pepernoten and mandarin. You can choose for the regular organic yoghurt from cow’s milk, but we also serve soy-, coconut-, and almond yoghurt. People with allergies or intolerances love this. We also serve sugar free or gluten free cakes during high tea. Coffee lovers can also find a number of great drinks, varying from a tasty regular or festive lattes in all kinds of flavors.

Yoghurt Barn is a franchise with already more than 10 places in the Netherlands. Founders Wouter and Esther came home after a vacation that inspired them to build their yoghurt empire in the Netherlands. In Spain, they saw frozen yoghurts doing very well, but in the Netherlands (where we eat the most diary in the world), there were no yoghurt concepts to be found. Simone: “In 2012 they opened their first place in Utrecht and now, 5 years later, there are Yoghurt Barns all across the country. What is really important for us is that we work sustainable: all diary is organic and we work only with recyclable packaging for our take-away orders. Even in our interior we make sure we work with durable materials.”