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This is Sugo

When you think of pizza, you'll probably think of a round one with tomato sauce, cheese and toppings on it. At Sugo, you eat pizza, but not this kind of pizza...

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Pand P | A Tip from Rik
Pand P streetview

For this tip from Rik we head south, towards Leenderweg. Just a stone's throw from Parktheater Eindhoven you will find art and culture centre Pand P, better known by some as the former Plaza Futura. You recognise the building by the letters that are still

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This is Dille & Kamille
Dille & Kamille

In many cities in the Netherlands and Belgium, you were already able to visit Dille & Kamille, the store with goods for home, garden, and kitchen. The retail chain thought it was time Eindhoven would also have its own store. And we are thrilled!

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