Inspiring people

Hanneke Wetzer is a visual artist. With her photography and illustrations, her Instagram feed is a beautiful online portfolio.

Niels Feijen, is an urban photographer and fervent Instagrammer. He shared his favorite activities, accounts and photogenic hotspots with us.

You probably noticed the poster of @LukedaDuke. This art teacher does a lot of designing and photographing, and his Instagram feed shows.

@peterkentie, a.k.a. Peter Kentie, is head of Eindhoven city marketing. His feed is, not entirely surprising, full of beautiful snapshots of Eindhoven city.

@Helemaalheteindje, a.k.a. Lynn Adelmeijer, shares authentic snapshots of our city on her Instagram. Both of the well-known landmarks and places that are off the beaten track. We asked her a couple of questions.

If you run into @040herman, a.k.a. Herman Vloeikes, during a night out, you know you're at the right party. We asked him a couple of questions in the week before Carnival. Also, check out his awesome video clip.

@kos_stamoulis, a.k.a. Konstantinos Stamoulis, is a photographer. He shares his snapshots of (and with) the world on his Instagram feed. Kos was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, now he is residing in Eindhoven.

@HeyEindhoven, a.k.a. Melissa van der Ceelen, is an American expat living in Eindhoven. Her Instagram feed is full of nice street shots in the city. We asked her a couple of Q’s!