Inspiring people

@kaivanlingen, a.k.a. Kai van Lingen is a street photographer and a huge fan of Eindhoven. We asked him a couple of questions.

@mitchellvaneijk, a.k.a. Mitchell van Eijk, is a graphic designer and photographer. His favorite subject? Architecture. Mitchell kicks off the first Instagram Q&A of 2018!

@smoothiethecat, a.k.a. Smoothie, Queen of Fluff, is one of Instagram's most popular cats. We spoke with Arvid, the owner and manager of the Instagram account of this beloved four-legged friend.

@Fab040, a.k.a. Claudia van Schilt, is founder of the online platform Fab040, on which she shares all kinds of cool Eindhoven info with her followers.

@basephotography, a.k.a. Bas Gijselhart, is an independent photographer, specialized in the field of architecture and portraiture on location. We fired a couple of questions at him.

The Instagram timeline of @rkstbl, a.k.a. Rik Stabel, is full of cool Eindhoven animations, making us curious to know more about the man behind these graphic masterpieces.

@ndiepen, a.k.a. Nieki van Diepen, is a big Eindhoven fan and his Instagram feed shows. Check out the Q&A we had with him.

@gooordiii, a.k.a. Gordon Jack, is a Scotsman living in Eindhoven. We asked him a couple of questions concerning his must-follow Instagram feed.

The espresso machines which many consider to be the best in the world are designed and made in Waalre, close to Eindhoven. Kees van der Westen is the founder of this internationally respected brand.