Breakdancer Vicky Bergmans | EMOVES Special

“The power of breakdance is that everyone is equal.”

Friday afternoon in the Rugged Studio at Strijp-S. On the first floor, overlooking the BMX training hall, we meet with breakdancer Vicky Bergmans. She is only 16 years old, and she just qualified for the Olympic Youth Games that will held in Buenos Aires later this year.

At EMOVES Urban Culture Festival, that will take place a few weeks before in Eindhoven, she will participate in several battles. We talk about what breaking means to her. And how come she will be (the only breakdancer!) representing the Netherlands at the youth games in Argentina.

New at the youth Olympics

Breakdancing, or breaking, originated in the 1970’s in the United States. This form of dance, together with rap, skating and graffiti, is an important part of hip hop culture. Nowadays, you can find b-boys and b-girls all over the world competing against each other in battles on the dance floor. And now, it will even become part of the Youth Olympic Games.

Back to Vicky, who only started breaking a few years ago, after seeing a demo of breakdancers at the local dance school in Budel. She turned out to be a natural talent. Extremely flexible in both back and legs. The power of breakdance is that everyone is equal, she says. It doesn't matter what you look like or where you come from. It's about what you show on the dance floor. It’s all about flexibility, technique and, above all, your originality and performance.


The road to Buenos Aires

All these elements came perfectly together in a video that Vicky recorded last year. Through the Facebook page Breaking for Gold she had seen a call for participation in the newest discipline of the youth games. Because of her video, Vicky got to go to the qualifying rounds in Essen, and later on also in Japan. She traveled to Asia with her grandparents, while her parents kept their farm running in Gastel. In Japan, Vicky qualified as the only Dutch breakdancer.

Crew in Eindhoven

Breakdance is a popular sport in the Netherlands and many top talents call Eindhoven their home ground. Vicky decided to come here when she finally found a crew at her level. The group trains three times a week in Rugged Studio at Strijp-S, which is also the home base of the super popular The Ruggeds. This crew is currently participating in World of Dance, the biggest dance show on American television.

And what about endurance training? She laughs: "I cycle for 45 minutes to my high school and back, five days a week.”

Foto's door Bram Berkien.