Kai van Lingen | Instagram Q&A

@kaivanlingen, a.k.a. Kai van Lingen is a street photographer. Followers: 222, following: 374. We stumbled upon his images during the last edition of GLOW Eindhoven and immediately fell in love with his feed. We asked him a couple of questions.

"I am fascinated by street photography."

Kai van Lingen

Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?

It might sound a little trite but the city of Eindhoven is my biggest inspiration. I have been living in Eindhoven since May 2016, together with my girlfriend. Before, we were already both working in Eindhoven, but I didn’t know the city all that well, as I come from Hoorn (Noord-Holland). I am fascinated by street photography, so by walking through the city and taking my camera with me I kill two birds with one stone.

What do you do when you are not on Instagram?

When I'm not on Instagram, I'm probably walking through the streets of Eindhoven with my camera or I'm working on the images behind my laptop. I also like to go out for dinner with my girlfriend, which is quite easy as we live above Down Town Gourmet Market.

What is your favorite hashtag?

When I scroll through my feed, only one hashtag jumps out and that is #Eindhovencity.

What post are you most proud of?

This is a difficult one, I think the first picture that was shared by @Eindhovencity, of the Smalle Haven, the street I live on. Furthermore, I am very happy with the black and white photo of the bus station that I posted on the 17th of October.


What do you think is the most photogenic place in Eindhoven?

I have not discovered everything in Eindhoven yet, but I like to walk to Strijp-S. I do like industrial buildings and the raw architecture. But I also think the GLOW Eindhoven event is amazing. This year I really want to go to Dutch Design Week. I want to see what sort of photos I can take there.

What are your favorite Eindhoven accounts?

I like to follow @mitchellvaneijk, @ndiepen, @gooordiiii and of course @Eindhovencity.

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