LukedaDuke | Instagram Q&A

Those who already came across the campaign posters for the upcoming local elections, probably also noticed the poster of @LukedaDuke. Followers: 710, following: 573. This art teacher does a lot of designing and photographing, and his Instagram feed shows.

"I think Eindhoven is actually a very photogenic place in its entirety."


Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?

There is not one source of inspiration for me, or one person. Rather, it is people, places, things that I see. Sometimes my wife, my son, an alley or open field, a rain pipe full of stickers or something I read or see on Instagram or on TV. I sometimes don’t have enough time to process all the inspiring things around me.

What do you do when you are not on Instagram?

Think of beautiful places that I still want to visit, teach, draw, paint, photograph, drink a beer, go cycling with my son, sit on the couch with my wife, put up posters and stickers and visit beautiful places.

What post are you most proud of?

To be honest; I am not really proud of a specific post or photo. I am proud of the things depicted in my photos; a sticker that I designed, the posters that I am currently putting up (with the upcoming local elections) and the reactions as a result (the photo is taken by my son: I am proud of that!). Or when someone sends me a message that they want a shirt, a cap or an envelope with stickers.

What about those posters for the municipal elections?

I want to encourage people to think about the posters. Why is that poster there, but more important: why are all the posters up there? Who are these people and what do they want with city we live in?

I will have little to tell after the elections; unlike the others, but it is funny for me to see that people worry about my posters.

What do you think is the most photogenic place in Eindhoven?

I don’t prefer one particular place. As a hobby, I photograph a lot and I walk through the city center often so I take more pictures there than of other places in Eindhoven, but on the Hurk along the canal or highway it can also be nice, or Riel, between Eindhoven and Geldrop.

I think Eindhoven is actually a very photogenic place in its entirety. In the center, you walk from a hypermodern building like the Blob to district De Bergen and you suddenly find yourself between houses that were built 100 years ago, after which you can come across an empty field, mosque or football stadium.

What are your favorite Eindhoven accounts?

@Sorryfordamagedone, @MUARTSPACE, @stepinthearena.official, @lempke_eindhoven and @debierbrigadier.

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