Night Mayor of Eindhoven: Siem Nozza

New York has its Director of the Office of Nightlife, London a Night Czar and Eindhoven recently appointed Siem Nozza as Night Mayor. Nozza and his team are committed to contribute to a more bustling nightlife in the city.

Connecting link

"The wish for a Night Mayor came from the municipality. I had already talked to the night mayors of Amsterdam and Berlin. In Germany, nightlife is even a matter of national importance and resides under the Ministry of Culture. These talks have given me insights into ways one can improve nightlife in general." It is no surprise that Nozza now holds the office, as he organized the Debate of Nightlife on the day before the municipal elections. "There is support for this function. Entrepreneurs want more freedom, but also clarity when it comes to nightlife. I want to be the connecting link."

Nozza used to work at festival organizer Extrema, set up the DIT festival and, being a musician, knows all the ins and outs of the Eindhoven music scene.

"The nightlife resonates throughout society."

Siem Nozza

"Being a night mayor includes all kinds of aspects of my former jobs and I think that's great. It's not just about throwing a party. The nightlife resonates throughout society. It is also more than Stratumseind. Eindhoven has international ambitions, so it is necessary to have it both economically and culturally in place."

An exciting and vibrant city

"I am currently working on mapping all wishes and will gladly share the results with everyone soon. I get a lot of feedback from companies, schools, the municipality, event organizations and so on. The fact that the local alderman immediately got in touch with me after my appointment meant a lot. It also shows that the municipality is willing to listen and act on it. I can say with 100% certainty that initiatives such as Stroomhuisje en De Sociale Dienst are of great value to our city. They make Eindhoven more exciting and vibrant. That is want you want, being a city in transition."

Nozza has some wishes when it comes to the local licensing policy. "It is far too strict now. Give people time and space - and no money - to organize nice things. The people who now decide on the regulations are not the people who are close to developments in the nightlife. How can you decide on something that you are not part of?" When asked if Nozza also has a term of office of four years, he laughs and replies that he is committed to a shorter term. "This is such a challenge that I could easily put in 100 hours a week. I cannot wait to share the first results." Nozza brought his chain of office at our request. "That makes it official, doesn't it? This necklace is designed and made by Tom Jacobs, student at the Design Academy. I do not wear it every day, of course, but when I do, it is with pride. "