Peter Kentie | Instagram Q&A

@peterkentie, a.k.a. Peter Kentie, is head of Eindhoven city marketing (responsible for This is Eindhoven, among others) and big fan of Estonia. His feed is, not entirely surprising, full of beautiful snapshots of Eindhoven city. ​

"I am a lazy lurker on Instagram."

Peter Kentie

Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?

I am a lazy lurker on Instagram. I love animal accounts; think of the squirrel from Tallinn called Kiisu and the French bulldog Joan of Barc. I also like following friends from home and abroad, to see what is going on in their lives, as well as my beloved Estonia (Tallinn and Tartu). Because of Instagram, it sometimes almost feels like I am there myself. I also follow many art accounts and auto-design enthusiasts.

What do you do when you are not on Instagram?

Post on Twitter and LinkedIn! All jokes aside, I think social media is very important. It enriches my life and ensures a constant supply of information and stimuli, feeding my insatiable curiosity. I really believe that curiosity is the main motive of human behavior. Incidentally, I find Instagram Stories a great part of Instagram. The videos are totally POV!

What is your favorite hashtag?

#Eindhoven and #Eindhovencity. I am not a big hashtagger, I usually only use one. I always add the location, I find locations more exciting to investigate. Who went where and what pictures emerged from it, that fascinates me. Posting tweets with a lot of hashtags, hoping that someone picks up my post, that’s not my thing.

What post are you most proud of?

Not particularly one post. Sometimes there is a lucky shot between where people and animals are not 'hit' at the right time. I always find that exciting whether I succeed. My background is graphic design and that is how I approach photography. I become completely restless when something does not align. I also edit my photos so that there is no unwanted perspective. Vertical is vertical! Favorite subjects is the Eindhoven city center and our garden at home, of course.

What do you think is the most photogenic place in Eindhoven?

The combination of Blob and Witte Dame. My favorite building in Eindhoven is difficult to capture: the observatory in Stadswandelpark. I am in Estonia once or twice a year, specifically in Tallinn, which is also a very photogenic place. Reactions that I get is 'Oh, did you go Estonia again?' Funny that mixing my two loves Eindhoven and Estonia has such an effect.

What are your favorite Eindhoven accounts?

My rule for a good Instagram post is that you see a place and experience through the eyes of someone else. I like the posts from such a 'first person shot' or POV (Point of view). You experience what someone else captures. My Eindhoven favorites are Hanneke Wetzer, Gordon Jack, EverydayEindhoven and Mitchell van Eijk.

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