Rik Stabel | Instagram Q&A

@rkstbl, a.k.a. Rik Stabel, is an all-round graphic designer, working at GoodHabitz. His Instagram timeline is full of cool Eindhoven animations, making us curious to know more about the man behind these graphic masterpieces. Followers: 448, following: 326.

"My biggest source of inspiration is Alexander Calder, an American artist."

Rik Stabel

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

My biggest source of inspiration is Alexander Calder, an American artist. In my first year at the Art Academy I watched a documentary about him during art history class. His frivolous view on art was an eye opener for me. Someone once asked him when he thinks a piece of art is finished. His answer: “When my wife says dinner is ready.” The fact that he doesn’t have a competitive spirit really appealed to me. I also think The Gorrilaz are really cool. I am a huge fan of their music and the animations in the videoclips keep inspiring me.

What do you do when you are not on Instagram?

I work as a designer at an Eindhoven based company called GoodHabitz. I design magazines for online training purposes. Outside of work I form a collective with a couple of former fellow students, called Les Projecteurs. With Les Projecteurs we have a small office space in TAC, where I make most of my illustrations. The creative environment of TAC is unique. You can work together in peace and there are often great parties or exhibitions.

I also love to work out. Every Sunday you can find me on the football pitch, playing in the lowest class of amateur football. I also love running (in October I ran my third half marathon) and cycling.

What is your favorite hashtag?

My searches are rarely based on hashtags, but I do use them to specify my posts. Because I mostly make illustrations of Eindhoven, I usually end up with hashtags like #eindje and #illustration. These are the two hashtags I use most.

What post are you most proud of?

I guess that would be my first animation. That’s where I put in most work, by far. It’s a short animation of a skateboarder performing an ollie (skateboarding trick). In the background, you see La Folie, a cafe where I love to grab a beer. In the future, I want to make more short animations that refer to Eindhoven.

What is the most photogenic spot in Eindhoven?

Although Eindhoven skylines are always cool, I somehow always opt for the hidden treasures. The first locations that come to mind are the attic of cafe the Rozenknop and the restroom of La Folie, haha. A toilet as a photogenic place... Might sound weird, but that’s where a lot of photoshoots are held, so I’ve heard.

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