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Just outside the city centre, around the corner of Strijp S, the headquarter of designer Piet Hein Eek is situated. What used to be the ceramic workplace of Philips - and where they fabricated parts to be used for televisions and radios - the visitor now immerses itself in the world of Piet Hein Eek. Everybody is welcomed into the showroom and gallery and can enjoy a nice lunch or diner in the restaurant. Piet Hein Eek tells about the location, the future plans and his view on the city.

Why is this location so ideal?

"When deciding on the location, we wanted the atelier to be at the physical heart of the company, so that it would be visible to the visitors. Everybody is welcome here, to see the process from idea to end product, while walking through the showroom. Next to that, we wanted a location for ourselves."

And yet we do not only find Piet Hein Eek here. 

“True, we also sublet a couple of ateliers. We really wanted that from the beginning. Currently, there are six ateliers we are renting out and we're planning to add five more in the future. The renters are young and creative or companies working in the creative sector. We try to achieve synergy among all businesses. We work together, but obviously also separate from each other."

At the top of the complex is a gallery. How do you choose the artists who exhibit there? 

"The majority of the art you see there, I've basically run into. We receive a lot of requests and only very few times is it a match with what we look for. Every week we receive a couple of requests and we can at least show a few per year. The benefit to run into art somewhere is that the collaboration started uninhibited. That makes it the most fun for me. "

So, what are the future plans?

"We are preparing for some big changes in the coming years. The gallery will move to the 'Perron', right here on the property. It will be an open-air museum with a rentable meeting space. In a couple of years, the top floor should become a 12 room hotel. This is really an extension of our activities. Currently, we are working on the old transformer room, which is the smallest wonderfull house for an artist in residence. "

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