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When Klaartje Glashorster, Inge Hendriks and Sophie Soons graduated, they all wanted to start their own fashion label. But preferably not on their own. The threesome discovered that they had similar ideas about fashion, materials and style and decided to start studioRUIG together. After moving their workshop several times, they gravitated to the magnificent shop and atelier at their current Torenallee address in Strijp-S three years ago.

What characterises your style?

Sophie: “The materials we use and the sober character of our clothing - that's typical of studioRUIG. You don’t see any unnecessary details in our designs. We work very intuitively and follow the materials. That is our basis. The fact that we design based on the material is greatly appreciated by our customers. They see that. Our collections are evolutionary so a new season does not suddenly herald in a completely different style. As a result, you can continue to combine our garments.”

And why do you work from Eindhoven?

Inge: “We studied in Utrecht and Sophie and Klaartje originate from this area. So it was the most logical choice for us. We don’t feel a need to be in Amsterdam, for example. We feel more at home in Eindhoven. We also attract attention here as a fashion label. The business aspects of starting a fashion brand were completely new to us. But fortunately, adequate help was at hand.” Klaartje: “We found a workshop here very quickly. We worked from out atelier during the first five years until 2014, when we moved to our current premises which combines a shop with the atelier. That is also something really new and refreshing for us! We now have much more contact with customers and can immediately see how they react to a garment.”

"You can continue to combine our garments."