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Tessa Koot graduated from the Design Academy in 2003. After working as a freelancer in film, television and for various designers for a number of years, she decided to start a studio under her own name in 2009. You can see examples of Tessa's work in the middle of Eindhoven's centre. At the heart of the city. When you visit the market square (Markt), look for Tessa's design of two lampposts which twist and bend to form a huge heart. Tessa: “I came up with this design for the Design Route during the Dutch Design Week 2016. It’s called Kei-like Ehvn.”

How did you end up in Eindhoven?

“As a child, my dream was to become an artist. And obviously the best place to learn was the Kunstacademie. But things turned out differently during my first year. I found a job and discovered that life as an artist just wasn't for me. There’s a design shop called Deja Vu in Nijmegen; they had a Piet Hein Eek cabinet at the time. Everybody is familiar with his work nowadays, but back then it was very innovative. I asked myself who had made it and whether I could do something similar. In the shop, they told me that I should go to the Design Academy. So I enrolled and that’s how I ended up here. Items of furniture are perhaps not really the focus of my work anymore. Cross-overs with other areas are a much better fit with my work these days.”

What does your work involve?

“My work starts with a period of association: that’s when I collect together all kinds of information and images on Internet and filter everything to decide what is viable. The initial ideas are high-flown and gradually develop into something which can be produced. My personal feeling is that designers will do different things in the future, but that design will remain inherently the same. We are problem-solvers in fact. But perhaps in different areas too at the moment. For example, we can visualise abstract things. Something which cannot be clearly explained. We are capable of presenting technological developments, complex ideas or taboos in an understandable way.”

“As a child, my dream was to become an artist."

Tessa Koot

And what do you like about Eindhoven as a home base?

“After finishing at the Design Academy, I lived in Rotterdam for a few years first, but then moved back. I missed Eindhoven, my friends, the people of Brabant and their humour. The people in Eindhoven have a unique talent for expressing themselves humorously. Furthermore, this city has many things which I love: I like to visit Cooks, a restaurant on Kerkstraat with the most charming owner in all of Eindhoven. And, quite apart from the activities here, I find Strijp S to be a beautiful spot. When I stand on Ketelhuisplein square, I find the surrounding area impressive. I’m glad that the area has been preserved. I live just around the corner from Strijp S, in Edisonstraat. To visit Strijp S, you have to pass our house in the street. The district has changed enormously during the past few years. We now have shops like ’t Verzet, the most inviting bicycle shop in Eindhoven, a thrift store called De Karoesel, Yetunde & the Vintage Alternatives, a hotel, great food from all over the world, a supermarket that sells a huge range of organic products. It really is worth a visit and don’t forget to try the best falafel in the city.”

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