Grab your camera and join the Instagram photo challenge #EindhovenCaptured. Capture Eindhoven as exciting and beautiful as possible with weekly techniques and themes, that are announced via the social media of @Eindhovencity.

How to enter? Use #EindhovenCaptured, mention the theme/technique of that week in the photo caption and you might win an official Eindhoven merchandise coupon worth €20. Click here for the official rules of #EindhovenCaptured. Good luck!

This week's theme: MUSEUM

Submissions between November 15th until November 21st

'Dutch Design Week' @longexposurephotography_dennis

'Marathon' @riku_mnst

'Lichtjesroute' @leslie_toth

'Freedom' @riku_mnst

'Market Square' @longexposurephotography_dennis

'Parks' @leslie_toth

'Tunnels' @jessoberlin

'Park Hilaria' @michaelhuijgens

'Sunshine' @leslie__toth

'Skyline' @ndiepen

'Kruisstraat' @ana_banana68

'Under Construction' @jetimmer

'Summer' @ana_banana68

'Urban Culture' @anisotopic

'Groots met een zachte G' @goooordiiii

'Graffiti' @tdv28

'Central Station' @laudewinter

'Sports' @gerbenkaas

'Tongelre' @longexposurephotography_dennis

'Monochrome' @showingourplanet

'St.Catharine's Church' by @fonsi20fer

'Nightlife' by @lejla.bosanka

'Animals' by @goooordiiii

'Spring' by @jetimmer

'De Bergen' by @leslie__toth

'Future' by @goooordiiii

'Long Exposure' by @mitchellvaneijk

'Water' by @travelhogburn

'Strijp-S' by @jimmyq_qlx

'Colorful City' by @jetimmer