Tips by local Elisa

Hi, my name is Elisa. I own Doortje Vintage along with my two sisters Angela & Diana. I have been living in Eindhoven for over eight years. My goal is creating a combination of sustainablity and consious consumerism.

I start my tour through the city centre at a hidden gem: the Smalle Haven Area. Design Daily's has been based here for over 20 years. I think they were the first in Eindhoven to sell design products. Next door to Design Daily's is Stadsbakkerij Broodt. As far as I know the only organic bakery in the city centre and one of my favorite haunts. The bars and restaurants in the centre have developed immensely over time. Plenty of new, appealing hotspots moved in, including Street Food. A relaxing spot with an original menu. 

The atmosphere in the Kerkstraat (near Smalle Haven) is also improving. My favourite burger place De Burger is located there. I'm a vegetarian and they serve the most delicious veggie burgers ever.The central square of Eindhoven, De Markt, is home to De Vooruitgang. It reopened a few years back after a major fire. This Grand Café had literally risen from the ashes and has become an even hipper place. Near the train station will discover a remarkable hotspot: Coffeelab UC. I always used to pass it whenever I took the train, but having visited once, I discovered what a great place it is. They have a wide range of coffees and comfortable seating.