The special opening night of So What’s next? will take place with a performance of BINKBEATS. Together with his friends Thus Owls and Niels Broos, he will give a live show, in which he will play more than fifty instruments. The renovated Paterskerk, the DOMUSDELA, will contribute to the atmosphere, a beautiful new location in Eindhoven. Prior to So What’s Next? we ask the musician behind BINKBEATS, Frank Wienk, a few questions.


‘Electronic music inspires me, but also contemporary such as Cage or Harry Partch. I find the combination between organic, acoustic instruments and electronics just a very exciting world. ‘

Le Guess Who

‘I like to go to museums, but honestly, I really don't go as often as I wish I did. This is because I simply don't have the time or because I am working on my music. And therefore I have to admit I have no room for other things.’

Le Guess Who is an example of an event I seriously visit every year. I will certainly be watching a good portion of music there again this year. Another thing I really don't want to miss is the new show from Bon Iver. If it ever comes to the Netherlands..."

What about Eindhoven?

"When visiting Eindhoven, I like to go to Strijp-S. This place breathes innovation and it has a casual atmosphere. For me, this is the area to be in Eindhoven. I have to admit there is a lot of culture in this city."

"It’s not my first time performing in Eindhoven, I have had performances in the city before. In the Frits Philipszaal, the Parktheater and the Effenaar. The acoustics in the Frits Philipszaal are really good. I have been to the Effenaar less often, but it’s quite big, I can remember. "

Binkbeats on tour

‘After So What's Next, I only play at Supersonic Jazz in Amsterdam on November 14. And in addition, LOVE is a performance on December 3rd. A dance performance in which the different perceptions of men and women and their divergent views on love are portrayed. I composed the music in this performance."

Frank Wienk, born in Hengelo, lives in Utrecht and is a Freelance Musician / Producer / Composer. He makes electronic, acoustic music. Loves stamppot, making music makes him happy. In his spare time, he makes music, reads a book or enjoys family time.