ComedyVibe XL | Q&A

Tamika Campbell, a multi talented ‘powerfrau’ born and raised in Brooklyn, is conquering the world of comedy. The AOL chat room took her to Europe; she traveled to Birmingham, Leicester and settled down in Berlin. Comedy Vibe International XL invited her to join on the 25th of September in Amsterdam and on the 26th in Eindhoven.

Why do you do what you do?

‘‘Life is what happened when I was making plans. To be honest, I had it all in me. Comedy got me through the day.’

Journey of life

‘Traveling with my daughter, we always discover good food, new dishes. I get to see the world at noon, and I get to see the world through the eyes of a 10 year old. Whilst traveling I have learned to speak Arabic, German, and Hindi. The latter I learned while I was living in England, amidst an Indian community and celebrating Hindi celebrations like Diwali, the festival of light.’

Straight outta Campbell

‘This October my book will be available pre-sale and it will officially be launched in spring next year. ‘Straight outta Campbell’ is a show about me. I will tell my story. My European tour will start October 18th until March 2020.’

Hustle and the bustle in Eindhoven

‘I like Eindhoven as it is not as crowded as any other city. I love taking walks, to look up, and see the architecture. I am more like a Neanderthal. I have been very excited to be back in Eindhoven, I remember it was a great urban city and am looking forward to see how the city has evolved.’

Comedy Vibe International XL

Roger Vrede saw me several times in the past, he then walked up to me and we’ve been in contact ever since. And now I am part of his show in Eindhoven. Comedy Vibe International XL is an international comedy platform in the Netherlands, Eindhoven based. Their mission is to create a place for everyone: no matter where you’re from, we love to create the vibe, just relax and be welcome.’

Tour dates

Tamika Campbell will be joining the comedy tour of Comedy Vibe International XL this September the 26th in Eindhoven at the Parktheater. Her personal tour ‘Straight outta Campbell’ will start October 18th.’