The International Theatre Collective Eindhoven will soon perform at Pand P. Some time ago the Parktheater asked Geert Niland to write and work on a production with internationals for internationals: (DE)HUMANIZE.

Three storylines will be told by nine actors from nine different countries. The play is about people who are surrounded by possibilities but have difficulty making choices. Niland: ‘From my conversations with young internationals, who have joined the International Theatre Collective Eindhoven, I have captured their stories about immortality, identity, and choices.’

Q: What is your mission?
"I am always looking for a topic, something that everyone has thought about, regardless of origin. Dehumanize is one of them. There is a theatrical need to look at certain themes from a different perspective. It is also about not taking things for granted."

"I am in the fortunate position to be able to look at themes with actors with different cultural backgrounds. And by doing so I truly believe that we are more likely to be able to say something meaningful about topics that play a role in our society nowadays."

Q: What about Eindhoven?
"I like Eindhoven. Years ago I moved from Nijmegen to Eindhoven. It is a great diverse city with a balance of technology and culture. I genuinely feel at home here. For me, it's all about the things that I do and the people I meet."

Q: What does your schedule look like at Pand P?
Wednesday May 1: try-out
Thursday May 2: premiere
Friday May 3 and Saturday May 4: show

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