Hope Expo | Review

Ilse Crawford and Oscar Peña leave the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) after more than 20 years. As a final tribute, they have put together an exhibition in the home of design Kazerne with a selection of promising work from alumni and students: HOPE.

Hands-on improving the world

Ideas often spread at lightning speed. A good idea can influence society, on an industrial and even global scale, a bad idea, on the other hand, can have that same effect. This fact provides an enormous source of food for hopeful design, which makes people think about themselves, their habits and life in a new way and challenges them to act differently. This creates solutions for local and perhaps personal issues.

Teachers' couple Ilse Crawford and Oscar Peña initiated and led the Bachelor's programs Man and Well-Being (21 years) and Man of Activity (23 years) respectively and received more than 1,200 students. In addition, they have a studio that applies welfare values ​​in design for brands, spaces, furniture, and objects: Studioilse, and Peña are also creative director and industrial product designer. In HOPE, the legacy of both DAE phenomena are well-reflected. Crawford and Peña find each of the projects on show hopeful.

Careful Tech | Local Authority | Being Well

The exhibition has three themes:

• Careful Tech approaches technology as a fascinating catalyst to a humane world. After all, tech affects nature, craftsmanship, ethics, biology, health, and sustainability. There is work by Studio Formafantasma. Their ‘Craftica’ offers the Hope that humans will find creative and optimized processes to work with waste from animals. By showing how to turn a pig’s bladder into a water container and how to use fish skins.

• The design of the Local Authority theme provides directions and solutions that are relevant to the specific situation of people and communities. For example, with his project Orfebre, designer Simón Ballen Botero (Colombia) gives hope and pride by allowing waste products to benefit those who extract them for others. Together with the local Marmato community and a glassblower from the region, he built an oven to make glass. Made out of a by-product of gold, and that was previously thrown into the river as waste.

• The Being Well theme, finally, shows how crucial it is to de-institutionalize our relationship to life and death and to restore human values ​​in disease and well-being. For example, how is it possible for people to take vitamin D to compensate for the lack of sun they see, while at the same time polluting the oceans with small particles of sunscreen that destroy the coral? Buro BELéN (which also designed the exhibition) dealt with this question and developed new ways of sun protection: the Sun + collection.

If you want to see the work of emerging DAE talent and established designers and collectives (Atelier NL, Nacho Carbonell, Nienke Helder, Olivier van Herpt, Studio Mieke Meijer, Wesley Nieuwenhuizen and many others), don’t hesitate to see this exhibition. HOPE can be visited daily until August 31 from 12 noon to midnight in the Kazerne, Paradijslaan 2-8, Eindhoven.