Naked Song Special | Preview

On December 14th the Naked Song will host a Special in honor of Jeff Buckley’s album ‘Grace’, in the Muziekgebouw. This evening will be filled with unique stories and performances by international musicians as a tribute to Jeff Buckley.

Jeff Buckley

Gary Lucas, famous guitarist and good friend of Buckley, will be flown in from New York for this special occasion. He was the supervisor at the beginning of Buckley’s career and also contributed to the legendary album Grace.

These so-called ‘Specials’ hosted at the Muziekgebouw are not planned, they only happen when the time is right. The same applies to this Naked Song Special. 25 years ago, the album ‘Grace’ was released. It’s the only album Jeff Buckley was able to release. The album is considered as a benchmark in music history and is worshipped by music fans. Besides the impact and unique sound of music made by Jeff Buckley and his band, the influence it had on the grunge movement is also worth mentioning. Enough reasons for the Muziekgebouw to honor the album in a new Naked Song Special.

The evening opens with a Behind the Scene with Gary Lucas. He will be interviewed about his relationship with Buckley supported with video fragments, some of which have not been shown before. This format gives visitors the opportunity to start a dialogue with the special guest.

The line-up consists of the following international musicians: Anneke van Giersbergen of the Gathering, Lara Chedraoui of Intergalactic Lovers and of course Gary Lucas. On other stages in the Muziekgebouw you can enjoy the performances of Ruud Fieten, Mooney, IBE and Eva van Pelt.  

Doors will be open at 6.30pm and the program starts at 7 pm.  
You don't want to miss this evening!