Natlab Filmspecial - Western Stars, Travelling with the Boss | Review

The film special. organized by the Natlab and the Effenaar, is a successful concept: a film and music evening in one. Earlier this year the band BeApple did the follow-up of the movie Yesterday with a performance in the style of the movie. Bruce Springsteen’s new album called Western Stars (Comlumbia Records), had its Dutch release on Sunday 17th of November. First the movie was shown In the Natlab and afterwards the Bruceband took care of the music.

Bruce Springsteen

‘When you fall in love in loneliness
You’ll end up that way
Hello sunshine can’t you stay?

Travelling with the Boss

Western Stars, produced by Thom Zimmy, is a pure and beautiful translation of Springsteen’s life. The intimate atmosphere of the old barn, the small number of guests, the 30 musicians counting orchestra, the beautiful choir and the interplay with his wife Patti and Charlie Giordano: all this makes you believe that you are present at the intimate concert.

Songs like Tuscain Train, Westerns Stars, Sleepy Joe's Cafe, Chasin' Wild Horses, Somewhere North of Nashhville and Stones were well played. The song "Stones" in particular. You could feel the passion that was put into this song. The people present at the film theather could really feel the music, many visitors were intrigued, some were secretly dancing, others enjoyed the show with their eyes closed. The simplicity and the entourage made it all very special and beautiful.

 'Between the performances we join Springsteen along his road, driving down memory lane telling about what he is about and that the movie and some songs are a tribute to love.'

The tickets for this film, shown in 4 auditoriums, were sold out immediately. Almost all visitors were true Bruce fans, and they all came to Eindhoven just to watch Western Stars and listen to the Bruceband.

Keep an eye on for another special!