Nox in the Woods | Q&A

When NOX was first organized in 2017, inhabitants of Eindhoven barely knew drum & bass, dubstep, and related music genres. Twan Koning stood up and makes an effort to bring this music style to Eindhoven. On Friday, August 16th he will organize ‘NOX in the Woods’. ‘NOX in the Woods’ will take place in the beautiful Philips de Jongh Park. Join them and go on an adventure, get lost in a great line-up and a broad spectrum of drums, bass, and dance.

Q: Why in the woods?

A: ‘King's Day 2017, we organized the first NOX festival, called King-S. It was sold out immediately and since then, the community drum, bass & dubstep enthusiasts have grown enormously. We organized NOX in the Effenaar and at the Klokgebouw. NOX is also the organization behind We Are Electric. This year we feel we are ready to organize the festival outdoor.

Q: Tell us about NOX.

A: "NOX in the Woods is a great, accessible festival! The music scene may seem very specific, but every Dance music lover will have a fantastic time. In addition to music, there will be foodtrucks with snacks and meals.

Q: Artwork?

A: Our artwork is distinctive. With our graphic illustrations, we consistently show the storyline of our events.

Q: Tell us about the line-up.

A: One of the acts I would like to highlight is KOAN Sound. Back in 2014, this band played for the first time In the Netherlands. KOAN Sounds has a unique electronic music style. They make music that is between jazz & techno, and at the same time, it is between funk & dubstep.

Q: What about Eindhoven?

A: ‘I love Eindhoven! I come from a village with 600 inhabitants near Zaltbommel. When I came to Eindhoven five years ago, I was enthusiastic and felt at home. NOX belongs in Eindhoven.’

Q: What’s next?

A: ‘On January 24, 2020 we will return to our home base: the Effenaar. We will put down a wide range of dance music in both music halls.’