PREVIEW GLOW | Living Colors

During light art festival GLOW, artists translate the theme LIVING COLORS into exciting projects and objects. Let yourself be swept away by enchanting colors during the festival which takes place between 9 and 16 November in Eindhoven, starting at 7pm.

This week, the city center of Eindhoven will transform into an open exposition center. Light projects of upcoming talent and artists from both the Netherlands and abroad will show unique pieces of art. Questions of what will happen when you disassemble the spectrum of light? What colors do you see? Where does the light lead me to? But also, what role does color play as a source of light, and with what effect? Join us in seeing how these questions are translated in an innovative way into art projects.

Walk the 6 tours of GLOW 2019

Also in 2019 there are several tours set up for the public, each with its own theme. Please check out all tours in this writing, but also along the Dommel, Narrow harbour, Karel Vermeeren Plantsoen, Rechtstraat, Piazza and many other locations, the living colors of Glow 2019 are to be admired and experienced. Check out for the full program, on the left you will find the tag for the English version.

#1 head light

Start your tour at Triptych Methaphor Heart at the Paterskerk. At this amazing venue, the Portuguese artist duo Ocubo Criativo surprises you with an amazing triptych. Heart, Light and time are the three metaphors. And lightens up  the Augustinian church, the courtyard of DOMUSDELA and the DELA head office. For instance, Triptych Methaphor heart treats the themes of passion and love, the inner light of people and the infinite possibilities of life.

Please continue your tour to the Vestdijk. Here you will find the work of  Sint Lucas students and a beautiful result of a unique collaboration between light artists Kari Kola (Finland ) and Alessandro Lupi (Italy) shown. On the pond, in the museum and at the exit works of art are shown. Van Abbemuseum also opens its doors, so you just pass by an amazing collections of contemporary art while walking your Glow tour.

#2 new light

At the ' New light ' tour, students from the project team IGNITE, students at the Architecture departure and the team LUCID, Industrial Design students, both TU/Eindhoven, are focusing on interaction and modularity. Last year's participating team has been able to transfer their experience to new team members and together they have worked towards Glow 2019. This show is called HYPAR; An installation that converts the interaction of spectators into an amazing play of light.

#3 green light

Luminous bacteria together form artwork that will gradually grow during GLOW. This piece of art is the project of five students of Fontys Hogeschool. Under the guidance of Harold Benten, the students started their minor ' Be Creative '. And the amazing part of this project is that the students want to give positive attention to the elements technology and nature.

"On their own initiative and with tremendous motivation, five students from Fontys College worked on Floral Flow last months."

They invite the glow visitor to participate in their project by pumping sufficient water and light. This is where their project comes to life. Floral flow is made possible by Waterschap De Dommel.

GLOW Eindhoven

#4 artistic light

At Kazerne on the Paradijslaan, the 'artistic light ' installation of Nando Dolleman (Studio Nando) will be on show. Dolleman is an artist with a fascination for the game of nature and he is specifically fascinated by rainbows. The Transience Machine he designed shows how light breaks through in all its spectral components, when daylight is added to a prism. It is just miraculous how colors come to life and a rainbow emerges.

#5 side light

This part of the Glow tour will show a variety of initiatives of residents in the field of light art. Pay attention and catch the necessary portion of light in the College, spot Sink at the Warehouse of Innovation, admire the Light Cathedral at the Nieuwe Emmasingel and let more than 11,000 little lights dance on the rhythm of your heart beat by Vena Lumen in the Heuvel. In the first Glow-week, 20 young people will make a light show during a hackathon on the Frederiklaan: called Hack Glow.

#6 glow special

NOVITER from Twofiftyk, is the glow special this year. It is a must see.  For the third time in a row, you will experience a spectacular light show at the Philips stadium. This show can be experienced by many people at the same time, while sitting at the supporter benches.

The creators of this light show ,TWOFIFTYK, are professional in the field of stage technology.  They are well known for shows all over the world for famous DJ’s. This Eindhoven based company are probably known by some glow visitors, as they’ve done a terrific lightshow in the Smalle Haven and in the Philips Stadium some time ago. Again this year, they will give away an impressive performance. Tickets for this special can be ordered online.