Richard Bolhuis | Q&A

Roots With No End is an audiovisual experience by Richard Bolhuis. Visitors entering TAC will be drawn into an immersive installation in which mystery and wonder are central. This exhibition will fill TAC with drawings, meditative soundscapes and film loops. Instead of letting one art form define or encompass his body of work, Bolhuis carves out his own autonomous space. On January 4th, Roots With No End will celebrate the end of the exhibition with a performance by Richard Bolhuis and dancer Mirjam van Duin.


'I mainly create music, movies and drawings. My girlfriend and I have lived in Dublin for five years and in those days I made a lot of music. The Irish have taught me to improvise and embrace the madness of life. Since 2010 we live in Groningen. Close to the Waddeneilanden, which I love to visit and must say the most beautiful place on earth. The urge to carry out my installations in nature and in abandoned areas is increasing. Fortunately, there is a lot of space in the Netherlands; Drenthe, Groningen and Friesland. At the beginning of this year I made an installation in the medieval church of Heveskes. Heveskes is a ghost village driven out by the advancing industry in Delfzijl. It is very special to carry out installations in these types of areas and experience the spirit of such a place. The soil.of the empty church was covered with a bed of deceased ladybugs; a ladybug cemetery."

Roots With No End

Last weekend your expo Roots With No End started at TAC. What are you going to do?
I just love the people and the place. For me it is time to slowly distance myself from TAC for a while. It was so special to build the exhibition with so many different people. Astrid Cats (TAC director) gave me the freedom to completely make it my own. And instead of an opening night, we, Mirjam van Duin and myself will perform on January 4th on the day the exhibition will end.

What about Eindhoven?

'When I'm in Eindhoven, I'm mainly drawing. If possible on any possible surface; sidewalk, windows, the ground, ceilings, basically any surface. While working, I usually have interesting conversations with people walking by on the street. One day I did meet an angry man, though. He asked me, "When is this party over?" Then he talked about war and waved his fist gently.’

'I like to be in this city. After a day of work I usually go back to Groningen by train. One time, I stayed in an apartment in the Stijp Area. An apartment with a roof terrace. Although it was a little bit too cold, I slept outside looking at the star. I loved it!

‘In Eindhoven, I always meet people with different backgounds, I was in a cab with a man from Afghanistan. He told me moving stories and asked me wonderful questions. He had beautiful thoughts, that I should have recorded right afterwards. When I got out of the cab, I shook his hand and he introduced himself as Mus."

On the agenda this month

'This month I want to go to the Noordlaarderbos, Balloërveld and the Gasterse Duinen.'

Richard Bolhuis

On the agenda this month
This month I want to go to the Noordlaarderbos, Balloërveld and the Gasterse Duinen.

name Richard Bolhuis
lives in Groningen, The Netherlands
works as a musician, performer, visual artist and filmmaker
is happy when he swims in the sea
admires animals
what do you like to do in your spare time my work is my free time
what do you like to listen to I like to play records by PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse, Nick Drake, Nina Simone, Stina Nordenstam and William Basinski.
what do you make music, sound, drawings, movies and polaroid
why do you make what you make necessity.
what inspires you rain, thunderstorms, sleep, fear, sex, green eyes, ink, cats, trees, sea buckthorn oil, the people in TAC, bird sounds, dunes, the sea, chaos and tranquility.
where are you, I am sitting at a wooden table with my kids, and I like to be with my kids when they're drawing..
what are you looking forward to to the moment.
what do you want to see northern lights
where do you get happy with people smiling.
where do you like to go to to my girlfriend
you don’t want to miss the full moon.