Seasoning Summer | Q&A

‘What would happen if artists from four different disciplines come together one performance? With this in mind, Pauline put together her final performance for the Dance Academy in Amsterdam. Maarten van der Put took care of video, both their brothers helped out; one for scenery and one for music. After the performance United Cowboys was born.’

Art platform

‘At the Art House we offer a place where you can explore different forms of art, a place where you can become inspired, you can develop yourself and your specific form of art. We: Maarten van der Put, (director and design), and myself, choreography and performer, form United Cowboys. In recent years we have grown out to be an international organisation and work with dancers from all over the world. Our production is currently abroad and the composition of artists from Seasoning this year will be a beautiful mix of international talents.’

Necessity for encounter

‘We strongly believe in the combination of creation, participation and presentation and believe that there are no boundaries between different kinds of disciplines. At United Cowboys we often talk about necessity, the quality or state of being in need and how to put this in a time frame. The Art House at Kleine Berg 62 is the perfect location for artist to perform. United Cowboys is a meeting place where artists can do research, try- and present work.’

Underground above ground

‘In the past I really enjoyed the underground scene in Eindhoven. Now it is emerging more and more. I like the fact that people are enjoying parks and greenery - inhabitants truly use the city. I like the neighborhood United Cowboys is situated in, De Bergen; this is the area where we connect with others.’

Seasoning Mix

‘Seasoning is a good example of what we believe in. At Seasoning we offer inspiring, surprising performances. We want the public to be curious. Seasoning provides a unique mix of performances: participants and the public from Seasoning are a mix of local, national and international talents. At the end of this month there will be another Seasoning.’

‘Actually I don't really like dance ...’

‘... but tonight I have experienced something so special!‘ ‘For me, this is the most beautiful compliment that our public can give me after a performance. Art really enriches.’

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