Shoegaze-band Habitants | Q&A

The Habitants is known in South America and Eastern Europe, but the band will launch its first album 'One Self' with a club tour in the Netherlands. They will perform in the Altstadt on October 11. Time for a short Q&A with Anne van den Hoogen, vocalist of The Habitants. 

Q: Mission of the band?

A: Habitants would like to show a different world. Creating a world to relax in. A more dreamy, melancholic world, where hope is central. Sometimes small and fragile, sometimes grand and overwhelming. We are inspired by nature and build our own world.

Q: In what way do you hear this?

A: We build huge walls of guitar music that flood you with melancholy. Long instrumental pieces alternate with fragile vocals. Our music is a beautiful reflection of our characters. Songs like One-Self and Winter are about the individual: the brave self who wanders around in an alienating world. Melancholy and hope are palpable.

“For me personally, Meraki is the key word: a Greek word, which says that when you create an artist, you put a piece of your soul or character into your work. We too do that.”

Q: Shoegaze: staring at your shoes?

A: No, we look at our pedals! Our music has a lot to do with technique. The pedals, which our guitarist René Rutten (The Gathering) builds himself, ensure that the instruments sound dreamy.

Q: What about Eindhoven?

A: In Eindhoven there is a lot of room for creation and technology, many companies and institutions are involved. I like talking to TU/e students. I am often in the Effenaar. There are regular meetings that deal with music and technology and sometimes I am part of the programme.

Q: What does your club tour look like?

A: International requests for performances are already coming in, but we like to start in the Netherlands. That way we can easily try out our show.

'In Eindhoven there is a lot of room for creation and technology.'

Anne lives in Utrecht and works in Nijmegen. She is a vocalist for Habitants and Rosemary & Carlic. She loves Asian food and magnolia trees make her happy. As a little girl she wanted to become a singer. Her favorite Spotify playlist at the moment is Slowdive, a cult shoegaze band from the 80s.

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