Woensel Supertoll! | Review

The Supertoll! is back. With a spectacular installation of over 25 meters high, the work of Eindhoven artist Tijs Rooijakkers returns to the Van Abbemuseum.

In 2013 Tijs Rooijakkers built a wooden wall in the museum, on which rapper Fresku made drawings and wrote texts, before he turned it into a spinning top. It soon left the museum and made its way through various districts and secondary schools to Woensel. Students and local residents were able to express their wishes and ambitions on the work of art: each shelf was written on, bent and added to the gigantic spinning top, or 'supertol'.

Culture in the public space

If you asked Rooijakkers in 2013 what meaning this project has for him, he would’ve answered: 'Building’. The artist has been trying to add more culture to the city’s public space for years. With his Supertoll, he managed to persuade Eindhoven residents to actually become part of the work of art. The toll stands for movement from within, in a dynamic environment. This inner strength appeals to him.

Now the ‘tol’ comes to a standstill. Tijs Rooijakkers has created a theatrical installation from the planks of the work of art in the Van Abbemuseum's 25-metre-high tower.

The exhibition WOENSEL SUPERTOLL! can be visited for a year at the Van Abbemuseum, starting 18 April 2019.

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