10x Asian Restaurants

One thing is for sure: Eindhoven has plenty of exceptional Asian restaurants. From India to Japan and from fusion to traditional, here's a list of ten Asian culinary gems that you should give a try! 

Mei Wah

This family business has been a household name in and around Eindhoven for more than 50 years. Today the third generation is at the helm. Mei Wah offers a delicious mix of ancient Chinese recipes and contemporary culinary creations. Gault & Millau even voted it the best Asian restaurant in the Netherlands.

Minyoung Korean Food Lab

In the Temporary Art Centre (TAC) you will find Korean restaurant Minyoung Korean Food Lab, an initiative of Design Academy student Min Young Choi. She combines her Korean background with the inspiration she gains during her stay in the Netherlands. She uses her food lab as a laboratory where she can literally give guests a glimpse into the kitchen of the design process.


Culinary whirlwind and chef Eveline Wu offers a very tasty concept in the city center and at Strijp-S with restaurant MOOD. On the menu, you will find classic French dishes and delicacies with special taste and texture combinations, inspired by authentic Asian cuisine. Another gem is the newest location on the list: MOOD Streetfood.


What better way to celebrate life and love than by preparing and sharing great food? Vietnamama cooks straight from the heart and does so with recipes that came from Vietnam and have now found their way to the Netherlands. You can find this Vietnamese hotspot in Down Town Gourmet Market.


One of the best Japanese restaurants in Eindhoven is just a stone's throw away from the Philips Stadium. Don't feel like eating out? You can now also order at Kyoto.

Soho Eindhoven

Another great option for Japanese food. At Soho Eindhoven, you can enjoy authentic Asian wok and/or delicious Japanese cold and hot dishes. Fun fact: this is also one of the restaurants owned by Eveline Wu.

Umami & Streetfood by Han

At UMAMI, you will be introduced to original Asian fusion dishes, prepared with elegant French cooking techniques in a modern and contemporary atmosphere. Owner Han Ji's innovations focus on quality, health, and the culinary level of shared dishes at an affordable price. At Streetfood by Han, you can enjoy innovative, Chinese dishes in an 'all-day street food experience'.

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