10x Design in the Public Space

Eindhoven is a city bursting with design, not only during the annual Dutch Design Week. With creative incubators, design studios, and exhibition spaces in abundance, you'll discover design all year round, even in the open air. We'll take you past ten design objects in the public space!

Breathing lights

Light design can be admired at several places in Eindhoven. For example, at Strijp-S. Here you can admire the 'breathing' lighting on the Torenallee. The lighting plan by the LUX LAB is multi-functional. It not only illuminates, but it also responds to what is happening by means of color. One evening it turns functional blue and the other evening it turns a pleasant orange, all thanks to its surroundings. 

Light and sound design Stratumseind

Lighting is also used at Stratumseind to influence the surroundings. If the tension builds up during a night out, the noise, including the volume and tone-of-voice, gives a signal that changes the color of the light which subconsciously influences the mind. With installations such as those of the TU/e Intelligent Lighting Institute, Eindhoven lives up to its nickname of 'City of Light'. 

Roze Huisje (Little Pink House)

Striking is by far the best word to describe the Pink House by Eindhoven-based architect and artist John Körmeling. Maybe you've spotted this not-to-be-missed bright pink house before. The design object located next to the Van Abbemuseum is, according to the designer himself, the shortest covered bridge. On top of this tiny house, the luminous letters spell ‘echt iets voor u’, which roughly translates to ‘just your kind of thing’. You might want to give it a try.

Calypso Terrace

If you walk along Stratumseind, usually one long cozy party street, you will most likely bump into the special terrace of Calypso. This colored terrace, designed by Aart van Asseldonk, looks like an ordinary hangout at first. Look closer and you will discover the Lego-like construction; umbrellas, tables and chairs can be clicked onto the surface. In that way, this terrace will stay in place all year round. 

Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Bicycle path

When the sun is behind the horizon, we advise you to take a bike ride along the Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Bicycle path. The dark sky benefits this modern version of Van Gogh's work known as The Starry Night. The design by Daan Roosegaarde in combination with the technology developed by Heijmans, creates an admirable starry sky out of luminous stones. With or without a clear sky.

Something Highers

The first large public work of art by designer Maarten Baas is free to visit on the grounds of DOMUSDELA. ‘Iets Hogers' (Something Highers) consists of a dining room set of about 7.5 meters high and is an embodiment of moments that are unsuspected of high values. On the same complex, inside Hotel Marienhage, there is more design of Dutch origin, namely the light designs of renowned design duo: Studio Drift. 


Another design in the public space is that of Tessa Koot, located on de Markt (Market Square). As a replacement for an everyday lamppost, she designed 'Kei-Like'. Two lamp posts that connect in the shape of a heart. Simple yet symbolic, but still with the same function as before: lighting. We like it. 

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19, we will inspire you as much as possible with background stories and tips of things that you can do to experience Eindhoven in a safe way. More information on the measures in Eindhoven and the Netherlands can be found here.

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