10x Eindhoven = King parties

Everyone in Eindhoven = KING. The city has been celebrating the Dutch King's birthday for years, with King's Night on 26 April and King's Day on 27 April. On these days, the city is full of parties, flea markets and accompanying orange fans. As every year you will find the big dance events at places like Market Square and Stadhuisplein, but for the fans we have put together a list of the more smaller parties.

King's Night

King of Kings

Biki90, cafe-restaurant Spijker and Cafe Thomas join forces and host a party during King's Night (and Day), with three different areas next to the St. Catharine’s Church.

Kings-S Festival Strijp-S

As usual, the foremen of the night shift will keep the acid, techno, and electrical machines running at full speed during King's Night. In the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S, the tables are controlled by a line-up that appeals to the imagination.

Royal Rawk Dynamo

Come and experience Rockcity Eindhoven at Dynamo in the city center. In the Loadingdock and Basement areas you can listen to about 10 bands, all with a strong Eindhoven link. From Indie to Metal and from Gritty to Kale Koppen Punk.

Heimwee - voor BEA

On King's Night, the Lichtplein is transformed into one big ode to our former Queen Beatrix, with hits from the past, a la Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Usher.


Once again, the throne room of De Bank will be open to the public! Have a great time with the best house DJs, plenty of drinks, and a Royal program.

Parties, flea markets, and orange fans all over town.