10x Hidden Instagram Locations

Are you already following @Eindhovencity? If so, you'll see beautiful pictures of Eindhoven on your feed daily. And once in a while, a hidden gem passes by. Have you been looking for hidden Instagram locations for some time? Then this list is for you!

De Berenkuil

Eindhoven is a city of urban culture. EMOVES and locations such as de Berenkuil make a big contribution to this. About a twenty-minute walk from the station, you are 'in' the Berenkuil, an open-air museum for street art. Some prefer to call it a freely accessible gallery. Not as talented with a spray can? Then we suggest taking a snapshot such as @travel_agent_marieke did. 

't College - Magical Garden

Eindhoven is one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands and that is not only because of the beautiful parks. A little hidden, this green oasis, better known as Magical Garden, can be found right in the city center; just around the corner from Stratumseind. It's a social design project as an addition to the design of Neave Brown and the master plan of TU/e's Jo Coenen. Turn left at the little square and you’ll walk towards the green of the street called 't College, as captured on the picture of @margarita.ehv.

De Gulbergen 

The Gulbergen might be located on the border of Nuenen and Geldrop-Mierlo, this place offers an overlooking view of Eindhoven. It turns de Gulbergen into a real hidden Instagram location because it is not that easy to find. Is this place worth a visit? It sure is! This picture of @Simone_wit  is proof of that. 

Strijps Bultje

Hidden under Strijps Bultje is the street art project 'Handen uit de Mouwen' by Niels Bakkerus and SintLucas. Different hands have been portrayed on each pillar, all based on the ones of local residents. @housofpepper shows you a great angle to take your new snapshot.

Anne Frankplantsoen 

The comments were full of questions about the pictured location. Fortunately we are here to answer your burning question. This soothing greenery is the Anne Frankplantsoen in city center district. This park is full of exotic trees and is ideal for walking and practicing photography. This snapshot taken by @packup.andleave. is the perfect example. 



Volta Galvani

The district of Woensel has already proven to be colorful several times, and the project Volta Galvani is one of the supporting elements. The multi-colored buildings located behind the large high wall look like an Eastern Kasbah and are the perfect place for a photo. Like this one by @bookelaar!



Landgoed de Wielewaal

We know Strijp, especially Strijp-S,T,R, as industrial grounds but with the Philips de Jongh Park and the surroundings of Landgoed de Wielewaal within walking distance, it actually is very green. Be amazed by Eindhoven's nature and hunt for more Instagram-worthy hidden spots in the city. You might discover a gem like this one by @ph6point6.


You may are familiar with the remarkable Temporary Art Centre. The building has a triangular shape and borders three streets, one of which is Ventoselaan. From the side of the entrance, you get a view of an eclectic mix of architecture; the small factory buildings behind the Ventoseflat with typical shed roofs, the Victoria Court, and the Onyx tower. @zitterene gives you a sneak preview:

De Hovenring

The Hovenring is not difficult to find, although there is something mysterious about this floating bicycle rotary. Apart from being a fine stop during your bike route, it acts as a 360-degree lookout tower when the sun slowly disappears behind the horizon. Time it exactly like @elenakuv and you end up with a beautiful picture. 

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19, we will inspire you as much as possible with background stories and tips of things that you can do to experience Eindhoven in a safe way. More information on the measures in Eindhoven and the Netherlands can be found here.

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