10x Permanent Light Artworks

For three days in a row, the city turned completely blue with red scattered around the city. The work of Light Art Festival GLOW. Whether you were at home in Eindhoven or far beyond, you must have heard about the world's largest work of light art. Did you miss it? Then you are in luck. Here is a list of ten permanent light artworks in Eindhoven!

Private Light

The artwork created by Titia Ex has been on display since GLOW 2016. Since September 2018, the light artwork can be admired permanently and not in the least place. The work adorns the chimney of the lightbulb factory, which is now part of the Philips Museum. Between the large buildings such as de Witte Dame, de Admirant, and de Regent, the light artwork provides a well-deserved spotlight. 

Interstices in a Synaptic Space

A hidden pearl among the permanent light artworks is the 3D projection by Afterlight. In a side alley of Stratumseind, you spot Interstices in a Synaptic Space. The projection of moving graffiti was part of GLOW in 2011 as well as GLOW 2015 and is a permanent artwork of the city.


New to the list is the work called Focus, which is part of a series of artworks under the project name Overbruggen. For this work, the collective Motion Paintings got inspired by the electron microscopes of the company Thermo Fisher Scientific. The artwork, located under the viaduct near the A2 motorway, gives an insight into the world of molecules. 


Eindhoven-based studio VANTOT consists of two lighting experts: Esther Jongsma and Sam van Gurp, both graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. They designed a 500-meter long pendulum with umbrella-shaped lanterns that enrich the new Victoriapark as a manner of lighting, signage, and connection between two dynamic districts. Walk from the station to Strijp via the Victoriapark and admire the permanent work with your own eyes.

Chimneys Strijp-T

Hugo Vrijdag is the creator behind the luminous dots. These dots hung behind the windows of thousands of households in Eindhoven during GLOW 2020. For some extra connection, he designed a light animation with a wink to the dots and other light sources (by Kari Kola & Ivo Schoofs) that shone during this year's light festival, but that is not all. The twin chimneys at Strijp-T will be a permanent canvas for light installations with RGB lasers. In his own words: "A gift to the city".   


Light and darkness cross their paths in the artwork called: Space. This 90-meter long work of art, by Daan Roosegaarde, can be found in Eindhoven Central Station. The artist (and innovator) got inspired by night charts of the earth, on which light sources make the presence of humankind visible. Imagine yourself in space with a walk across this interactive play of light. 

Walkway Strijp-S

At Strijp-S, there are plenty of light installations to spot. The walkway by Motion Paintings, for example, provides a cheerful view during the day and changes into true light-art during the night (across Torenallee). LUX Lab's breathable lighting plan has been installed along the cycling path further along the road. 

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