12x Vegan and Vegetarian Hotspots

Are you on a vegetarian or vegan diet? Or are you trying to eat fewer animal products for a while? It has never been easier to find exciting plant-based dishes in Eindhoven. Check out this list of twelve delicious hotspots!

Flavor and Spice

Flavor and Spice is not your traditional restaurant. They love to play with seasonal and fresh ingredients, with which they create modern dishes with a Persian touch. Tip: all dishes on the menu can be prepared as vegetarian or vegan versions. 


At bar bistro Calypso you can order 'real good plant-based food'. From delicious snacks paired with a beer to vegan burgers, tapas, and all kinds of sweets to finish off with. A real vegan-friendly hotspot!

Bij Albrecht

Plant-based has no restrictions and Bij Albrecht is proof of that. Here Manfred Albrecht, better known as the "Haute Cuisine Vegan Master," provides a culinary vegan fine dining menu. Open only by appointment. 


Did you know Gezana is the very first Eritrean restaurant in Eindhoven? Since 2017 they can be found on the Willemstraat, where you can try traditional dishes, including a coffee ceremony, and, not unimportantly: a great atmosphere. 

Falafel Masters

What's in a name: at Falafel Masters they are masters of falafel. And that's certainly actually great for the vega lovers among us. The menu contains not only one of the better falafels but also good hummus, soups, salads, and vega(n) cake.

Sri Ganesh

Fancy Indian food? Book a table at Sri Ganesh. Don’t expect any fish or meat, because this restaurant serves 100% vegetarian dishes. A true paradise for the vegetarians among us.


Happiness Café

From breakfast to snack, the Happiness Café is the right place for a healthy dish. The display is filled daily with cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices, fresh salads, soups, and organic delicacies from their own bakery. 

Vegan Heroes

This old favorite is back. Vegan Heroes can now be found on the Willemstraat with a flashy interior and of course the well-known orders like 'Kimchi Karbdashian' and 'Abakebabra'. So go and visit!


PHOOD is really something else; in fact, it is the world's first aquaponic farm restaurant. In addition, they focus on things like a pH+ plant-based diet and soul gardening.

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